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MIZO WOES : Small Interventions Can Help Solve Problems

MIZO WOES : Small Interventions Can Help Solve Problems
Wednesday, 12 September 2001

Siaha in India MapNEW DELHI(Sep 12, 2001) : THE town of Saiha, as it is shown on maps, perches precariously about 1,500 metres above a low valley in Mizoram. It takes two days to reach this remote sentinel of the East from Aizawl, with the occasional break for meals and an overnight halt.

Siaha in India Map.Saiha is a dot that’s smaller than most other dots on the map, which tell us of the places and regions that make this planet what it is. The approach to Saiha is marked by rugged countryside that is sparsely populated and rich in unending bamboo groves and both semi-tropical and deciduous vegetatation. The hill ridges are part of the great chains which form the spine of the state; the jungles grow along the roads, making for a visual treat but sighting the next stretch is much more difficult as branches and tall grass bend and wave their way across macadamised paths.
This is surely a paradise for guerrilla warfare. Little wonder too that Mizoram has one of Asia’s few ounter-insurgency training centres, at a little place called Vairangte. It’s located up near the border with Cachar and the Assam plains, and to it come soldiers and officers from the United States, Australia, Britain and other parts of Europe.

There were never any clear victors in the Mizo insurgency but the losers were visible as they are in any conflict situation, be it Kashmir, Nagaland or Sri Lanka: the ordinary people. It was the pressure of ordinary folk, through the Church and other groups, as much as that of the security forces which helped the Mizo National Front of Laldenga to come to an honourable peace with New Delhi and their own Mizo brethren.

Saiha is close to the tip of the political boundaries that form the trijunction of Myanmar, India and Bangladesh, as Mizoram, shaped like a spearhead, plunges into the hills and forests of the frontiers of South East Asia.

Despite the hills, the convoluted topography ensures that Saiha, the capital of the Mara Autonomous District Council, can be seen from another ridge at a distance of nearly 40 km, en route from Longkhlai, the capital of the Lai Autonomous District Council. There is a third autonomous district council to the west, the Chakma Autonomous District Council. The last named is one of the poorest areas of Mizoram and the North East. District Councils were set up under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution to enable tribal communities to develop economically, culturally and politically in the manner that they wished. But there have been major problems.

Each complains of the lack of representation in the government services, in education opportunities, in training skills for industrial employment. Each has a different yet similar story of alleged discrimination by the majority Mizo tribe, as do representatives of the Hmars and the Paites, other groups which are also demanding autonomous district councils so that they can run their own affairs. But they can’t: financial and political control rests with Aizawl, the biggest district which hogs more than 60 per cent of state funds. The district councils say that they are starved of money and cannot even implement central government schemes sanctioned for them because these funds must be routed through the state government.

Indeed, ironically, the complaints by the Maras, the Lais and Chakmas are similar to the grievances of the Mizos against the Assam government in the 1950s and 1960s. The Khasis and Garos had voiced similar resentment. The Mizos have their own state as do the Khasis, Jaintias and Garos with Meghalaya but they’re still clashing with each other on who gets more of the financial cake.

In some cases, as that of the Chakmas, basic facilities of government do not exist. First of all, frequent travellers on the road connecting the Chakma capital of Mamla Nagar (this is what they call it; the Mizos call it Chwangte) is a back-breaking exercise. Little wonder, then, that hardly any heavy transport vehicles (read buses and trucks) ply the roads.

This road is the responsibility of the state public works department while the narrow but brilliantly built national highway No 54 which takes up from the steamy, overcrowded, messy plains to the twisting and turning bends of the hills and their clear, fresh air has been built and maintained by the army’s Border Roads Directorate Organisation. Landslides are frequent in the furious monsoon rains but are cleared at a steady peace by the BRDO.

Not to speak of banks, there isn’t even a sub-treasury. When asked to set up a branch in the district council, the State Bank of India demanded that the council pay for its security.

The council sends its cashier to Lungleh, about 120 km on that hellish highway, to draw money. On one unfortunate day in July, there was not enough cash at Lungleh so the poor man had to travel another 220 km to try and cash the cheque at Aizawl only to be sent back to Kamala Nagar — it hadn’t been countersigned by a senior member of the council. The Chakma District Council has no hospital, not even a post office.

The Maras, some distance away, make their views known quite openly. They resent the fact that in the list of Scheduled Tribes, they are still defined by an older name, Lakher, while in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, they are referred to as Maras! The case of the Lais is even more poignant. They are called by this name in their council area but are called the Pois in the Scheduled Tribes list, a name that angers them deeply.

The Maras are a community of about 50,000 persons who live predominantly in the district council area but also have kin in neighbouring Myanmar. And they are very sensitive about place names as well as how they are officially called. As soon as you enter Maraland, the spelling of their capital changes: it’s no longer Saiha. That’s a Mizo name, we are told, signifying nothing. It is Siaha, a place where the tusks of an elephant fell after it died.

There are other small groups demanding recognition and inclusion in the Scheduled Tribes List. One is the Paite, with a population of about 60,000 in eastern Mizoram. Their demands for inclusion goes at least back to 1980, when they addressed memoranda to Indira Gandhi, seeking this right. Despite backing from the current chief minister Zoramthanga, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

It does not take much for these changes to be brought about. The Home Ministry and the tribal affairs ministry need to put their heads together and act quickly. These are small communities but they are strategically placed at the trijunction of India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Arms, smuggled goods and people flow with ease across this region. Myanmarese insurgent groups camp on the Indian side of the border. Indian intelligence agencies prowl the hills and towns. In this little place, great games are played.

The demands of Mizoram’s small groups can be met within the existing constitutional, economic and political framework: central funding for local governance; reservations in jobs at the state level; recognition of groups in the Scheduled Tribe list to name the basics. Otherwise, the growing but dormant frustration in this strategic end of India could create a fresh nightmare. It may not take much to defuse the current situation — small interventions, sensitivity and the simplicity of foresight and wisdom.

Surely, it does not require an insurgency to help New Delhi and Aizawl to see this?

Note: The author, formerly of the New York Times, is Senior Fellow, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.(when this article was published).

Courtesy to The Statesman Newspaper, this article appeared on Sep 12, 2001 in the stated newspaper on its EDITORIAL COLUMN. (Original link here : click )

Mizo nih hi a nuam lem lo ve

Mizo nih hi a nuam lem lo ve - Hlimpuia, Jampui

Kum 1997 October thlaa Mizorama thil thleng kha mahni kutzungtang kan hriat tlukin kan la hre chiang ngei ang. Bru hovin Mizoram chhuahsana Jampui Tlang (Tripura) an rawn chuanchhuah tantirh khan khaw thenkhata YMA-te chuan an ei leh in tur tlaivar thaka buaipuiin an lo chhawmdawl a nih kha.

Nimahsela chawlhkar khat pawh a liam hmain Upper Dosda leh Banchera khuaa Mizo awmte chu Bru raltlan leh an chhehvela Bru awmte chuan an bei nghal a, inchhung bungrua bakah an ranvulh - bawng, kel, vawk leh ar te an la fai vek a, tuikhuah sangha quintal bi tak meuh an mansak vek a ni. Satnala khua leh Tualsen khua te pawh hetiang bawka beih an ni. Nunna humhim tul avanga mahni haklai nen chauva tlanchhuak an nih avangin in leh lo, ui leh ar, ser huan leh kuhva huan te an chân fai vek a, chhut sen chi a ni lo. Kha buaina avanga Sakhan tlang leh a chhehvela Mizo ten namen lova an tawrh dan kha tum khat maia ziak sen chi a ni lova, tun tumah hi chuan Sakhan Serhmun lam kan hawi bik dawn a ni.

Sakhan Serhmun khua pawh um chhuah nghal an ni chiah lo nain an tuarna a nep chuang bik lo. Nasa taka nekchep nghal an ni a; chiseh an lakna awm chhun Ananda Bazar an tlawh pawh thei lo nghal a, sorkar hna thawkte tan lah Bru chenna hmunpui leh raltlan inkulhna hmun te kaltlang rual a nih tak loh avangin hlawh (salary) an la thei hek lo. Bru te chuan Serhuan an suasam a, a rah lawh mai duh tawk lovin a zar an titliak chiam a, a veng tura daipawna awm ngam a nih tawh loh bakah Mizo kâ atanga khapna thuchhuak reng reng chu Indo thu puan tluk a ni ta zel mai si. Tharuma rawn beih tum a nih thu a lo thleng reng a, mahse ram dinhmun enin tanpuitu Mizo hmel lo hmuh chu beisei phak rual a ni lo. Pathian kuta inkawltir leh thih ral thak thlenga tankhawh tura inbuatsaih bak kawng dang zawh tur a awm ta hauh lo.

Chutih lai vek chuan 'Lo chhuak thuai thuai teh u, kan chetna in dal reng mai' tiin Mizoram lam atanga thu kal zel chu Signal-in a thleng reng a. Chu chuan an rilru buaina a tizual a, mahni hnampui te mawhchhiatna a sâng thei hle dawna a lan rual rualin Mizo tak pawhin ngaih pawimawh tham a tling reng a ni. Mahse chhuahna kawng a awm ngang si lo. An mu thei lova, chaw an ei thei hek lo. Bel chhunga tui rawn so chho mekah an talbuai a ni ber mai. Naupangte chu thlamuang taka mu turin an hnem a, thlaphang tak chungin an muhil ve leh mai bawk thin. 'Hengte hi ka venghim zo ang em? Nge kan thi fai vek zawk ang?' tia nu leh pa ten fate muhil hmel thlir vawng vawng chang a tam mai. Hetih lai hian khaw hrang hrang atanga Mizo nekchhuah te chuan engemawti kawng kawngin Jampui tlang an thleng tawh hlawm a ni.

Manganna leh buaina karah hun a kal zel a, December thla a lo thlen chuan khawbu chhuahsan tawh ten 'Engtin nge Krismas kan hman ang le?' tia an kun mek laiin Sakhan Serhmun-a la awmte chuan Krismas an thlir thei tawh bik lova. 'Engtin nge kan chhuah ve ang?' tih leh 'engtin nge in leh lo, ui leh ar, inchhung bungrua, serhuan leh kuhva huan te kan tih tak ang? tia inhambuai chu tihmakmawh a ni ve thung. Chutih laiin sikul lamah Cl.I-VIII kum tawp exam neih fel ala tul si. Venhimna lam thlahthlam theih a la ni chuang si lo, buaina a chhahzia kha... thua sawi fiah sen a ni love.

Boruak a zang chho hret a, Jampui tlang atangin Tripura Group YMA hruaitu ten a hmuna kalin an chhuah ve dan tur an ruahmanpui thei ta, a va lawmawm em! Kum 1998, January thla tira pem chhuak turin hma lak tan a ni ta. Sakhan tlang atanga phairuam lam pan thlak hnuah luidung thul tak zawh leh ngai a ni. Chutianga K.M. 12 zet kea kal hnua motor kai thlen chauh tur a nih avangin bungraw lian tham te leh an ranvulh te chu tihral hmasak a ngai ta a. A man inawmtawka lei tur mihring an awm si lo, a thlawn tluka mi kuta an hlan tak, mittui nena an thlir liam te kha... chhiar sen a ni lo.

Chutih lai mekin in leh in, ram leh ram inthlengpui tur zawngin Mizoram atanga lo chhuk Bru thenkhat an lo lang ve ta. A thlawna kalsan ngawt ai chuan ti bawkin mi thenkhatte chuan an inrempui ta nual hlawm a; mahse chu pawh chuan a daih sen loh avangin serhuan leh kuhva huan engemaw zat chu kalsan a ni ta nge nge a ni. Chutianga an kalsan in leh huan te chu Tripura hel pawl pakhat NLFT te chuan neitu nih hauh nghalin sum hnar atan an hmang ta hmiah hmiah mai a. Kum sawm a lo tlin tak hnu pawh hian a neitu dik tak Mizote hnenah hian an la pe kir duh lo fan a ni.

Chutia chhuak mai tur an nih lai mekin Krismas hun a lo thleng leh ta, ava lungchhiatthlak tehreng em! Hmawngchuan khua atangin Krismas hmanpui turin Lalpan thalai rual a hruai thleng leh ta mai, ava lawmawm tehlul em! Krismas chu engemaw titiin an hmangho hram a, kum danga Krismas chu a ang thei tawh ngang lo a ni e.

January 9, 1998-ah chuan Sakhan Serhmun-a Mizote chu Group YMA hmalaknain hruaichhuah an ni ve ta. Hemi ni tukthuan ei fel hnu chuan Group YMA hruaitute chuan Tawtawrawt an ham ta; mipui an lo chhuak zel a, a then an kal zel laiin nu leh pa engemaw zat chu mahni in chhuahsan hlei thei lo, tap chunga khalh chhuah ngai te pawh an awm nual mai. An in te, serhuan leh kuhva huan hringdup mai te chu an thlirlet chamchi a, mahse chikhawna chang em lovin Jampui tlang chu zanah an thleng thei ta a ni. Hmunpui khua an lo thlen chuan zan thim pawh sawi lovin mipui tam takin ei tur nen an lo hmuak a; an hmelah lainatna leh khawngaihna a langchhuak theuh hlawm a, a ropui hle. Group YMA hruaitute tlawmngaihna leh hmalakna te, Pastor (UPC) Lalchamliana (a awmna kan hriat tak loh) tlawmngaihna te a chhuanawm tak meuh meuh a ni.

Khaw hrang hrang atanga Mizo nekchhuahte chu in leh lo nei tawh lo an nih hlawm avangin thenkhatte chuan khaw hrang hranga lainate an bel hlawm a, thenkhatte erawh chuan in ruak awm remchang apiang an luah hlawh ve thung. Tichuan, chhungkaw engemaw zat chu Jampui tlanga khaw hrang hrangah an awm ta a, chhungkaw engemaw zat erawh chuan Mizoram thleng chhovin khaw hrang hrangah awmhmun an khuar ve ta a ni.

Hun a kal zel a, Mizo raltlante dinhmun ka thlir chang hi chuan 'Mizo nih hi a nuam lem love' ka ti thin. Mizo raltlante chu eizawnna mumal nei lo an ni ta. Ei leh bar harsatna avangin chhungkaw tamtak chu an inthen darh (khawsa hrang) a, hmun hrang hrang an pan darh na chungin harsatna an pal darh zau mai niin a lang. Kum sawm a lo pumhlum ta hial a, Mizo raltlante hian chhawmdawlna buhfai engzat nge an dawn a, tangka engzat nge an dawn ve tawh le? Tripura-a awmte hi chi tam zawk (tlangmi) eptu nei an nih avang nge Vai sorkar hian a ngaihsak duh lo tia ngaihtuahna a kal mek laiin Mizoram thleng chho ta te pawh Mizo sorkar hian lainatin a lo uksak bik lem lo a ang hle. Hmun thenkhatah phei chuan inlainata lo inchhawmdawl a hnekin an lo huphurh a, thik tlak loh an lo thik a, inchung tur Rangva dawng ve tura thenkhatin hma an lakpui mek laiin dawng lo tura hma lo la ve char char te pawh an awm thin.

Kum 1998, kum laihawl velah khan Sakhan Serhmun atanga raltlan, Darlak khuaa pemlut, pa upa lam ni tawh Pu Ropianga te nupa chu khatih hun laia Mamit D.C. khan lainata an thlavang lo hauh ahnekin a chhan leh vang hriat tur pawh awm hauh lova zu rui chunga a lo tim nek mai te rilrua a lo lan chang hi chuan 'Mizo nih hi a nuam lem love' ka ti lo thei lo a ni.

Kum 2004-a Tripura Mizo Raltlan Welfare Committee-in Mizoram Sorkar Home Department-a Mizo raltlante chhawmdawlna dila lehkha an thehluh kha Mizo raltlan, dinhmun lo tleu tawh te tan chuan beiseina tungding lehtu a ni ngei ang. He Welfare Committee thu leh hla lo dawngsawngtu Home Secretary Pu C.Ropianga'n duhsakna leh lainatna nena hma a lak zel tur thu a lo sawi chu chanhaite tan chuan 'Chanchin Tha' a tling ngei ang. Mahse hun rei tak chanchin hriat tur a awm leh tâk loh avangin, Jampui tlanga Mizo raltlante chuan Aizawl-ah palai tirin April 25, 2006 khan Pu C.Ropianga chu a office-ah an hmu leh a. Hemi tum hian Home Secretary chuan Mizo raltlante chungchang chu Central Home Department-a a thlen hnuah mi tutute emaw a sawipui leh thu te, Bru helho lo kir leh te chhawmdawlna a awm hunah Mizo raltlante tan pawh chhawmdawlna a awm tur thu sawiin he hun hi lo nghak phawt turin raltlan palaite chu a lo hrilh a ni.

Kum hnih lai a liam leh ta. Bru helho kir leh ten chhawmdawlna vawi engemaw zat an dawng tawh a, sawi nuam an ti a, mi hmaa tangka han phawrh vel nuamti pawl bo hek suh. A nih, Mizo raltlante tan hian chhawmdawlna hi a awm ve dawn lo em ni ang? Tute emaw kailawn tisangtu a lo ni tawh zawk em ni dawn le? Nge inthikna avang bawkin thil a khawlo leh ta zawk? Kum 1993-a Sakhan Tlangsang atanga pem chhuak, tuna Phuldungsei khua (Jampui)-a awm ten Pu R.Khawpuithanga, MLA leh T.Z.A. te behchhana raltlan nih ve an lo tumna chu Welfare Committee bultuma hmalakna tikhawlotu a ni em (?) tih chu mi tam tak rilrua zawhna awm mek a ni leh ta. Thu dik hi khawiah nge a awm le?

Mizo raltlante dinhmun hi i chhut chiang ngai em? Mahni duhthu renga pemchhuak an ni lova, nunna humhim tul avang zawkin mittui nen an lo chhuak a nih kha. Pi leh pu atanga an luah ram, Krista lo kal leh thlenga an chenna tura an lo buatsaih ve hmunah te chuan an theih ang tawk tawkin hma an la ve thin a. Sakhan tlangah hian Kuhva, Serthlum, Satkora leh Litchi te a tha em em a, heng huan te hi an eizawnna ber pawh a ni. Lohtheihlohna, (buai) avanga an rawn chhuahsan lai khan serthlum kung tam tak chu a la puitling lova, an vanglai an la thleng hman lo. Chuti chung chuan serthlum atang ringawt pawhin chhungkaw tamfe chuan nuai bi an tel tawh a ni. Heng Mizo raltlan zingah hian chhungkaw hotu, pa upa lam ni tawh engemaw zat an awm a. Hengho tan hi chuan an dam chhungin hetiang dinhmun hi an insiam dawn tawh hauh lo tih a chiang reng mai. Kum 1997-a Mizorama thil thleng kha heng mite tan hi chuan 'Vanpui chim' a tling tak meuh a ni.

Kum sawm a lo liam ta hial a, chhungkaw hotu eizawnna kawnga rinpui ber mi pasarih te chuan thlanmual an liam tawh a, an kalsan chhungkaw dinhmun te han belhchian hi chuan lainatawm tak an ni. Harsat zual changte leh Krismas a lo hnaih a, sum indaihloh hun a thlen apiangin an serhuan kalsan tak te an hrechhuak vawng vawng thin. Heng serhuan leh kuhva huan an kalsan tak te hi tunah pawh hian a la tha em em reng a ni.

Mizoram buai tantirh 1966 atanga 1976 inkar chhovah khan MNF rammu ten tangka (tax) an khawna lo pe ve thin, chaw leh buhfai te an khawna lo pe ve thin a, India sipai laka an himna tur hmun lo panpui ve tawh thin heng Mizo raltlante hi MNF sorkar hian han mitsir ve hlek sela ava duhawm em! An tan Mizo nih hi a nuam leh thei ngai ang em le? Hetiang ringawta Krista lo kal lehna lo nghak tur hi an ni bik dawn em ni? Eng vang nge (?), Tute vang nge (?) tih te hi Mizo zingah hian chhutpuitu awm ve se Pathian duhzawng a ni ngei ang.

Sakhan tlang leh a chhehvela cheng thin Mizo te hi tam lem lo mah se, Mizo khawbu nghet panga lai luhchhuah an nih dan te, chung khua atanga raltlante dinhmun Mizo mipuite thinlunga a tlak nat lohzia leh awmze nei phaka lainattu an vanzia te ka ngaihtuah chang hi chuan kan hnam (Mizo) hi ka zahpui ngawih ngawih thin a, 'Mizo nih hi a nuam lem love' tiin tlang ka kawm leh thin a ni.

Aizawl Municipal Council i zirchiang dawn teh ang

Aizawl Municipal Council i zirchiang dawn teh ang - R. Sangliankhuma CEO, Aizawl Municipal Council

India Danpui (siamthat vawi 74-na) "The 74th Constitution Amendment Act, 1992" an tih bawkin a phut anga Aizawl Municipal Council din tan mek chungchang hi chanchinbu hrang hrangah chiangkuang tawk lo leh dikhlel deuhte in a lo chhuak ta zauh zauh a. A awmzia leh tun dinhmun te, a kal zel dan turte zirchian a tul khawp mai.

The Mizoram Municipalities, Act, 2007
74th Constitution Amendment Act-in a phut angin India ram khawpui hrang hrang inenkawlna leh inrelbawlna (Municipal Administration) chu Aizawl khawpuiah hman tan ve tawh tula hriatna, hun rei tak atang tawh khan a lo awm ve tawh a. Political Party hrang hrang ten an lo sawi thin bakah Municipal Steering Committee-te hial din a lo ni a. (A lo din dan tobul tak erawh ka hre lo a) Kum tam tak kal ta atang khan Mizoram State LAD atangin Municipal Draft Bill-te pawh lo duan chhin a ni tawh thin a. Chu Draft Bill chu vawi duailo Law Department-te nen thlirho a nih hnuah Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Department a lo pian khan he Department thar hian Cabinet Approval a lâk hnuah Mizoram Legislative Assembly-ah putluhin, 2007 Budget Session-ah khan Passed a lo ni ta a. Governor Assent pawh dt 16.04.2007-ah lâk niin he Act hi a lo piang ta a ni. Cabinet-in an ngaihtuah tumah hian he Act (Draft Bill)-in a sawi nghal chhunga leng ve tho, District Headquarters dangahte pawh Municipal Board din ve zel chu remtih nghal a ni.

Aizawl Municipal Council din tan dan
The Mizoram Municipalities Act, 2007 (Municipal Act tiin kan sawi tawh ang) passed a lo nih hian Municipal Council chu a ding nghal ngawt thei lova. Dan te sep (Rules) chi hrang hrang a hmanhmawh thlak dan ang zela siam (frame) leh a ngai a. (Entirnan - Delimitation of Wards Rules te, Election Rules te, Conduct of Business Rules, etc.) Heng Rules te han frame chhung hian hun engemaw chen a lo duh leh a. Hetia Rules pawimawh zual te Cabinet-in a pawm hnuah Municipal Office chu a bul lo tan a, hma lo la turin thawktu Officer leh Staff tlem thei ang (skeleton posts) hna chi hrang hrang 26 siam (create) a lo ni ta a. A tan nan Officer thawklai pahnih chu Chief Executive Officer atan leh Secretary atan an hna pangngai bak (additional charge) lak tir an ni.

Aizawl Municipal Office hawn a ni
Aizawl khawpuia Municipal Council (Urban Local Body tih bawk) neih hi Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) leh Asian Development Bank (ADB) atanga Aizawl khawpui leh District Headquarters tana Infrastructure Development Project lian tham buatsaihna atan tih makmawh leh Zoram History-ah hun chhinchhiah tlak (milestone) pawimawh tak a nih dawn avangin ni 01.07.2008 khan Municipal Office hawn hi UD&PA Minister Pu Aichhinga (RIP) rawtna in buatsaih a ni a. Amah ngeiin hawng tura a inbuatsaih laiin khami tuk khan a chau thut a. A aiah Pu H Vanlalauva, Minister, LAD (UD&PA lo chelh thin) chuan a hawng ta a. Hawnna Programme zawh fel hnuah he programme ngai pawimawh a, rawt chhuaktu chuan chatuan ram min lo pansan ta a ni. Heta tang hian Aizawl Municipal Office chuan CYMA Building-ah bul a lo tan ve ta a ni.

Aizawl Municipal Area
Municipal Act Section 3 & 4-in a sawi angin Aizawl Municipal huam chin tur han ruahman chhinna 'Preliminary Notification' chu ni 15.5.2008 khan State sawrkar, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Department (UD&PA) chuan a lo chhuah tawh a. Hetah hian Municipal Area chuan chhimlamah Muallungthu, hmarlamah Sihphir leh Neihbawi, thlanglamah Sairang leh Lengpui leh chhaklamah Tuirial thleng a huam a. A sawisel duh apiangin thla 1 (khat) chhungin objection thehluh tur a ni. Mahse ziaka thehlut erawh an awm hriat a ni lo, tawngkama thenkhat (Tlangnuam RD Block chhunga mite telin) in an sawi mai loh chu.

Section 6-in a sawi angin thla 3 (thum) hnuah a area tur Final Notification chu ni 10.10.2008 khan Mizoram sawrkar, UD&PA Department chuan (Aizawl Development Authority ni lovin) a lo chhuah leh ta a ni. Hetah hian a hmaa lo ruahman chhin aia zim zawka dah a ni ta a. Hei hi Veng thenkhat tel ta lo te hian an lo helh deuh ni te pawhin a lang. Amaherawhchu, heng Veng tel ta lo te hi Aizawl khawpui huam chhunga chhiar vek tho an nih avang hian Municipal Area-a an tel loh hian chan/ hloh an nei ang em tih leh Municipal Council a function tak tak hunah chuan Property Tax te leh tax thar chi hrang hrang bakah tuna chawi lai mek - Water Tax, Electricity Tax, House Tax, etc te hi nasa taka tihpun tur a lo ni ang a. JNNURM Guideline ang phei chuan a Mission Period tawp 2012-ah phei chuan Municipal Corpn/ Council zawng zawngte hi an intodelh (self sufficient) tur tih a nih avang hian anni hi an thawveng phian thei a ni. Municipal Development Scheme-te hian kawng tam takah a la huam/ kep ve thei teuh dawn si a (Sanitation/ Solid Waste/ Drainage/ Sewerage, etc) Shillong-ah te pawh khuan Municipal Area chu tereuhte a ni a, a zau zawk khu Municipal area pawn an ni a, Shillong khawpui huap vek an ni tho.

State Election Commission siam a ni
Article 243K sawi angin State Election Commission chu Sorkar-in a din ta a. He State Election Commission hian Municipal Election leh District Council Election te chu a buatsaih tur a ni a. Officers leh thawktu dang atan Sorkar pawhin hna thar a siam mek niin a lang a, a lawmawm e. Amaherawhchu, Election Commission hian a hna hmasa ber tur Municipal Electoral Roll buatsaih chu Aizawl Municipal Area chhunga Ward (Constituency) awm zat tur leh then fel hnuah chauh a tan thei ang. Municipal Act ang chuan Ward 11 aia tlem lo, 23 aia tam loah then tur a ni a. A zat tur hi Sorkarin a bithliah veleh Delimitation of Wards Rules-in a sawi angin Aizawl District Bawrhsap-in a leilung awmdan leh mihring awmzat enin intiat tlang thei angin Ward thenna hi a buatsaih tur a ni. Heng hi tihfel vek a nih hma chuan Election Commission hian Municipal Election atan hna a thawk tan thei lovang.

Municipal Council or Municipality
Aizawl Municipal Council tiin a Act-in a sawi angin vuah a ni a. Corporation ti tur chuan Aizawl Population-in a pha lo. Khawpui lian zawk mihring nuai sawm (10) aia tamnaah te Municipal Corporation an nei, chu chu kan Act ang pawhin a ni. Mahse, tunah Municipal Elected Body (Municipal Body tih ngawt ni loin) a awm hma hi chuan 'Municipal Council' lo tih hi a dik ber em aw? Aizawl Municipality tih hian a fun kim ve tho niin a lang. Elected Body awm hnuah chauh Sorkar pawh hian Municipal Functions (Schedule 12 of the Constitution) te hi a vaiin emaw a tahtawlin emaw Municipal Council-ah hian thuneihna a pe dawn ni awm tak a

Wednesday, October 29, 2008




Hman lai kan pi leh pu te kum khat chhunga an hlim ber pakhat chu sangha tlang vuak hi a ni awm e.Sangha tlangvuak chuan a thei thei lui ah kalin ru an ken khawm te chuan sangha an hrai rui a,an man teuh thin.Hmeithai leh pa hmei chhung,sangha tlang vuak naa tel ve thei lo te thlengin an hawn kep vek thin.A nuam an ti thin hle awm e.Hman laia kan pi leh pu te sangha tlangvuak dan chu hre ve lo mah ila,chhim lama thingtlang khaw pakhat Chapui a sangha tlang vuak naa ka tel ve thu hi han tarlan ve mai mai ka duh a,a nawm em a vangin.

A in buatsaihna:

Chapui khuaa sangha tlang vuak hi kum tin emaw kum 2 kum 3 dan ah an lo nei thin a.Nikum 2007 khan sangha tlang vuak kan tum a,i lo kal ve dawn nia tiin Chapui VCP Pu K.Relei chuan min sawm a.Amaherawh chu Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) inthlan pui a awm avangin nikum 2007 khan sangha tlang vuak kha neih a ni ta lo a.Tichuan kumin kum tir 2008 khan min rawn sawm leh a.Kei bakah hian Tuipanga kan Medical Officer Dr.Lalnunziri leh Pu K.Romalsawma,Police OC te chu a bikin min sawm a,keini bakah hian MADC a hotute leh Saiha leh Tuipang atanga buhfai phur thin te,Chapui khaw chhuak te pawh an sawm a ni.Ni 22-24 April 2008 kha Tuipangah Saiha Group YMA Conference a nih avangin kal hman loh ka hlau hle a.Sangha tlang vuak hi 24-25 April 2008 a neih tur a ni a.Amaherawh chu ni 25 April 2008 zingah kei,kan Medical Officer leh kan OC te bakah kan staff thenkhat leh mi dangte nen Chapui chu kan pan ta a.Zing chaw Chheihlu VCP te in ah kan ei chho a.Chapui khaw daiah mipa naupang leh pa ho in ru lei(sangha vuakna tur) an lo zawng khawm a,an phur haw nguah nguah bawk.Chawhnu dar hnih velah Chapui chu kan thleng ta a.

Chapui khua

Chapui khua hi in 180 vel a ni awm e.Mara hnam an ni a.Mara hnam rau rau ah pawh hnam fel leh zaidam an ti kher thin.Nupui neih dawn pawhin Chapui chi hi nupui atan an tha bik e an ti thin.Tuipang atang hian a hla ve khawp mai a,a awmna hi a kilin Burma ram ri a awm a ni.A piah tlang kilometre 8 vel a hla chu Burma khua Sabawng khua a ni.Chapui atang hian Burma khua Sabawng hi ‘ni 100 inhlawhna’ (NREGS) atangin Chapui VC ten kawng awmsa ni miah lo,a thar hlak ‘jeep road’ ramri thleng an lai ruah mai a.Maraland Gospel Centenary,Sabawng (Burma) khuaa a kharna ah (Closing Ceremony) pawh khan awl sam takin motor a luh theih phah a ni.Tunah pawh hian pick-up leh jeep chu a tlan reng.Chapui khua hian NREGS chu a tak takin an chhawr hle tih a lang.Chapui thlen hma hian Mawhre khua a awm a.Mawhre leh Chapui in kar hi kawng zim te,jeep/gyspy leng chang chang a ni a,in pelhna a awm lo hrim hrim.Chuvangin Chapui leh Mawhre in kara motor in tawkte chu pakhat zawk zawk thui tak a tawlh (back) a ngai thin.Tunah hian Zawngling atangin Chapui pawh tur kawngpui hi PMGSY hmangin laih mek a ni.

Lui kan thleng thla ta a.....

Hmeichhe ho te nena kal ho kan nih phung avangin VCP chuan hmeichhe ho hi kan kal tir duh ngai lo a,kal phal loh tawp chu a awm lo a,mahse vanneih a har deuh thin an ti a,chuvangin hmeichhe ho chu inah lo riak mai rawh se a ti a,tichuan mipa ho zawng chu Chhimtuipui lui pan chuan kan chhuk thla a.Chhuk hlir anih avangin a hla lo hle a.Mel 3 vel a nih ka ring.Kei erawh chu ka kawng leh ka khup na a chhuah leh avangin ka kal chak thei meuh lo a.Tlai dar 4 velah lui kan zuk thleng chu paho leh mipa naupang an lo rak nawk nawk a,nuam an ti hle mai a.Kan kalna hi Chhimtuipui hnar a nih avangin tui a tam lo a,a thuk bawk hek lo,kawng chen lek lek an ni hlawm a.A lehlam leh lui hnar metre 100 chin chu Burma a ni mai a.A nuam hle.Balu te lah chu khuanu in a duh reng vanga luikama a dah chhuah an ni bawk a,a tha ngang mai a,Aizawl velah kan in sak nan hmang ta ila,a tha duh ngawt ang.Tichuan chhung tin ten ru lei an rawn ken khawm chu an dah khawm a.A tuk zinga sangha hrai ruih na tura tih anih avangin an tawn hlawm a,nuam kan ti tlang hle.Zanah chuan lui kam tiaupho ah kan riak hlawm a.Zanah meipui kan chhep a,a nuam ang reng viau.Zing lam erawh chu a vawt deuh.

Sangha kan man tan ta......

A tuk zing tak dar 4 velah chuan chhungtinte atang a ru lei an phurh khawm chu luiah kan sawh ta a,sangha pawh in a tirah chuan a ruih nan an hmang kher lo.Lui kama awm tawh zawng zawng tih theih turin kan sawh mup mup mai.Tuk thuan kan ei hma atangin sangha chu an rui tan a,khang sangha rui ho kha kan neih ang ang in kan lo hlap a,kan man zung zung ta a.Ni a tlang sang tihah chuan keini mikhual ho chuan kan peih rei ve ta lo a,kan tin san a,riah buk lamah chaw eiin kan in thiar fihlim ta a.Chaw kan ei kham chuan sangha thiar turin kan vak chhuak leh hlawm a,sangha pawh thiar a hahthlak ang reng,a len hlawm em a vangin.Mi zawng zawngin sangha thiar hna kan thawk emaw tih mai turin kan in pel zut zut a,a nuam kher mai.Keini mikhual ho chuan kan chak changin chaw kan han ei leh ringawt thin.Sangha a tam bawk a,chaw ei pawh a nuamin duh hun hunah chaw kan ei tawp a ni ber.Tlai lam a lo nih chuan duh tawk kan ngah tan ta a.Mi kal zawng zawng chu a chhiar na an nei ta a.Kan vaiin mi 480 vel kan ni.Sangha man sa chu silpouline ah kan tlar zel a,a lian hlawm hle,a thente phei chu patling sum li laia lian te an ni hlawm a.Thaichhawni nu te pawh tam tak kan man tel bawk.

Sangha chu a hotuten an han sem ta a,sawrkar hnathawk hotu deuhte chu min pe hmasa a,chumi hnuah driver te leh Chapui khua a buhfai phur thin ho an duhsak leh a.Chutiang zelin a in dawtin an lam zel a.Chawh rualin mi pakhatin kg 15 ang vel zel kan hawnin ka hria.Kan vaia kal kha mi 480 vel kan ni.

Kan haw chho ta a...

Sangha kan in sem vek tawh hnu chuan chaw hnu dar 2 vel a ni tawh a.A nawl pui kan man zo tawh e an tih avang leh la man bang chu pa ho thenkhatin lo vil leh se an tih avangin haw zai kan rel ta hlawm a.Mahni sangha theuh kan khai far mai a,a kawng a chhoh em avangin a rit duh hle a.Sangha tlang vuak naa tel te khan sangha chhum an fun haw hlawm a,heng hi hmeichhe ho leh an chhungte tana an hawn a ni.Tichuan Chapui leh Chhimtuipui in kar a chawlhna Lungpui ah chuan hmeichhe ho in min lo hmuak a,keini pawh kan Medical Officer leh a staff ten min lo hmuak a,theitui te,kuhva leh ciggarette te min rawn ken a,kan harh sawng sawng mai.Khaw lum lai anih avangin sangha a uih kan hlauh avangin ai eng kan tat chhuak vek bawk.Tuipang chu zan dar 9 velah kan thleng leh ta a ni.


Sangha tlangvuak kan neih naah hian bomb leh sangha in a huat theih tur chi chemical engmah an hmang lo kha a ropui ka ti a.Thingtlang mimawl te te ni a kan ngaihte pawhin kha luia sangha leh lui lam sa hrim hrim kha tura hrai an phal loh avangin leh kum tam tak reserve a nih avangin sangha pawh a tam phah hle.Tun tum pawhin leilung leh lui atana pawi thei tur chi engmah hman a ni lo.

Mi tumah an in huphurh lo a.A hah hah khan an chang tlem ta niin ka hria.Keini ho lo thu mai mai leh ei leh tawp thin ho khan kan hawn hnem zawk in ka hmu.Chapui khua chu a awmna a kil avang leh fur ah kal a harsat avangin buhfai phur motor khalhtute an duat hle.

Hemi tum hian kan OC chu Police uniform kimchang nen Chapui hi panin kan haw lamah pawh thuam famkimin a in thuam ap a.Mahse a tum loh deuhin motor man chawi lo a a chuan avang khan a rui ta tlat a,a hlim tur ang pawhin a hlim lo a,a pawi hle.Kan Medical Officer lah chuan a nuih char char leh nghal a,ka khawngaih ngawt mai .

Tin,taka,sangha kan vuak tum hian hmeichhia pakhat chu luiah a rawn thleng thla ve a.Mahse an be tam lo hle in ka hria.Sangha in sem tura hming an chhiar chhuah pawh khan a hming an lam tel ve lo in ka hre bawk.Kan Medical Officer pawh hmeichhia anih avangin khuaah min lo hmuak a,a chan tur chu mipa ho in kan ken chhoh sak mai a ni.Chuvangin hmeichhe kal ve kha a khaw mi te khan a lawm vak lo niin a hriat.

Hetiang hi thingtlang nun hlimawm,awh nei tam lo,mahni chan tawka lungawi te nun dan leh sum leh pai um a phe phe lo te khawsak dan pakhat ka han hmuh chhuah chu a ni a.A hlimawmin rilru ah engmah eng to leh vei a awm lo a,a nuam hle,zawng chhang tlak tak a niin ka hria.



Peh hel kual lovin Engineer te hlawh 1983 a tih san kha officer pangai pawh ni lo Section Officer ina a sign a ni a.A authenticate lo hle a ni.Fourth Pay ah khan 1983 a Engineerte hlaw Central a mi te ni ang a sawi hi conversion scale atan Centralin a hminga lo a.EE leh SE Central a mite chuan Rs.3000/- leh Rs.3700/- ve ve an la a ni.He copy hi Mizoram Finance Department PRU ah a copy pawh a awm.Tin,Fifth Pay Commission Acceptance Orders 1998 page 32 ah,a bu te ah khan a lang a.Tin, a bu lian Volume I phek 575 2nd para ah khan hetiang hian a in ziak bawk-The pay scale recommended by us for Group A Services in general,therefore will be applicable to Engineering Services as well-Rs.3000 and Rs.3700 pay scales for EE and SE respectively).Tichuan kum 1989 vela kan Chief Secretary pawhin Engineerte hian Centrala an zawlpui hlawh la se,chutiang zelin doctorte pawhin la rawh se a ti a.Doctorte chuan an pawm mai a.Engineerte chuan hei hi duh lovin courtah an kal ta zawk a.Heta tang hian eng service hi nge duh am leh pawisa duh chu a hriat ang.Tichuan Fourth Paya Central leh Mizoram Engineerte hlawh chu hetiang hi a lo ni ta a ni.

Central Mizoram
1.EE.-Rs.3000-Rs.4500 Rs.3700-Rs.5000
2.SE.-Rs.3700-Rs.5000 Rs.4500-Rs.5700

Tichuan a chung a mi khi i en chuan Mizorama kan Engineer te chuan Centrala an tlukpuite aiin hlawh an la sang ta al mai a nih khi.A chung atang khian tunge mahni hlawh leh nihna ang hlawh a lungawi lo tih chu a hriat tawh ang.Sawrkarin tuna Engineerte hlawh hi Fifth Pay thleng a pek tak avangin enge lo thleng ta.Mipuite tan nasa taka phurrit-electric bill tih san ,tui neter to tak tak vuah leh Power and Electricity private kuta hlan te a a la thleng dawn ta a ni.Engineerte a vanga mipui tura tur hi a na mai lo.Engineerte leh kan sawrkar hian Engineer te hlawh san tur hre ran hian Engineerte nawrna avangin heng tui bill te,electric bill sang ta lutukte hi an ti ta mai a ni lo maw tih hi mipui ngaihdan a ni ta.

Thil mak tak mai chu Pu Robula Pay kha ama mimal tan chauh a ni a,a hnu a hman zui tawh loh tur a ni.Pay Anomalies Commission chuan Pu Robula hnu a mite tan kum 1988 ah Rs.4500 ah a rel sak a.Hei erawh hi chu Engineerte hian courta an kalpui hi a awm ve reng tho mai.Mahse EE leh SE te erawh chuan courta kalna tur nei hawt si lovin,CE thubuaiah an in bang tang zel a.PAC conversion scale an la demand bawk a, hei erawh hi chu duhamna uchuak tak a ni.

Pu Robula hlawh Rs.5900 kha Finance Deptt chuan nasa takin in dodal a.Mahse sawrkarin Finance hotute chu a tih luih tir a.Kha ti hunlaia Finace Commissioner Pu Lalchhuma phei chu a thinrim em em a.Office pawh a chawlh phah a.A chawlh si avangin Finance a Joint Secretary chu sawrkar chuan a sign luihtir ta a ni.

Finance Deptt fileah pawh nasa takin officer ten sawiselin note sheetah pawh an ziak nasa hle a ni.Mahse sawrkar in a tilui tlat tawh si.Tichuan Accounts and Treasury chuan Pu Robula pay slip chu an issue duh lo leh a.Mahse chu pawh chu saewrkarin tih luihna in a isseu tir leh tho a ni.

Tichuan,kan hriat angin Engineerte chuan Gauhati High Court single bench ah thiam an chang a,Division Bench in sawrkar a appeal leh leh a,hetah hian Asst.Advocate General KP Pathak chu case latu ber a ni,mahse final hearingah Advocate General Chaliha a rawn in rawlh ta thut mai a,kha kha ngaihtuah tham tak a awm.A hneh lo lehnghal nen.Thil mak tak a ni.Sawrkar chuan Supreme Courtah a appeal leh a,Mizoram sawrkar chuan ukil atan PK Gosawmai a hmang a.Ani hian kum thum lai he case hi a zir a,mahse final hearingah Mizoram sawrkar chuan kum thum lai case lo zir tawh PK Goswami chu ruai lovin Shanti Bushan a hmang leh ta daih mai a,final hearing tak takah pawh Shanti Bushan hi sawrkar aiawh a ding lovin ama Assisstant pakhat a ding ta daih mai a ni.A mak deuh deuh a tih theih awm e.

Group A officer tan chuan mahni zawlpuite phak loh hi na tak tur a ni.Eng ang pawhin a principle chuan sawrkar in protocol ah pawh status qou hman tum mahse a theihloh tur hlir zawk a ni.PWD Under Secretary chu Calcuuta-Delhi ah a duhna ber Airlines ah a thawk veng veng thei a,a tlukpui Group A officer ve thung chu Express Train ah muhil tluk tluk chungin Delhi a thleng thla pawr fap dawn a ni.

Thil mak deuh mai pakhat chu Engineer ten courta an thiam channa Beraw tlanga an lawm khan Minister pakhat a lawmna a tel khan a lawmpuina thu a sawite kha thil mak tawp a ni awm e.

(Extracted from Leaflet distributed by Group A Officers)



The Aizawl Post dated 18th August 2005 a Pu Liankunga IAS Patna in ‘Sawi lo in ka awm thei lo’ a tih chungchang a ziahna Bihar vela Mizo thalai leh zirlai a tanpui nasat thu leh Zorama a rawn chhuah chho laia ka ui ka ar tun min ti ngai lo e(One way traffic) a tih kha ka rilru a luah nghal ngawt a.A chhan chu kei pawh a hmingin vairamah kum 8 dawn lai ka lo awm ve tawh avangin khatiang chungchang Pu Liankunga’n a rawn ziah avang khjan han thai lan ve zawk ka duh a ni.

Nia, vairamah chuan Mizo awm te hi an hlu em em thin.Aizawl atangin milian leh mi te, lehkha rtthiam tak tak leh mawl tak tak te, mi in ang lo tam tak hi an rawn tleh thla reng a ni.Keini ngei pawh Mizo lo kal tawh phawt chuan min chil phul reng mai a.An fate phaia lehkha zir awm kan buaipui a, an awmthat duh loh vin nu leh pa nih kan fawm a,bazar pui ngai ni se kan kal pui a, chaw ka rawn ei dawn an ti leh ringawt a.Mahse Aizawla haw chhoh ve lai erawh chuan chaw eia sawm tu kan hmu ngai lo a ni.Kan thianpa pakhat Shillonga an chhungkua a awm thin pawhin kum 1990 chho vel chuan Mizo mikual hi 10 vel hi kan nei reng a, mahse Aizawl kal ve chhunah chaw eia sawmtu kan hmu angai lo a ti.Nia,hmanah pawh phaia kan awm laiin Aizawla mi hausa tak mai chhungkua te hian chaw kan rawn ei dawn nia an ti a, an rawn ei ta ngei a.Mizorama Commissioner pension tawh pakhat chuan a hausa sa hi an zak thei lo a a ti a.Chaw rawn eite chhung te chu Aizawlah tun thleng hian chaw eiah min la sawm lo.Ka ei chak vang ni lovin.

Punjab a khaw pakhat, a hming sawi lo mai ila, kan sawi chuan kan in hre palh ang e,ah chuan Mizo chhungkaw pakhat an awm a.Mizo zawng zawng buaipui tu an ni ti ila a dik thpo awm e.Mahse,Aizawla an rawn pem chuan Punjab a an lo buaipui thin Mizo te kha tumah an rawn lang lo e a ti.A dik tak chuan a hausa sa hi zak thei lo ah an tang a, Aizawla haw ve chhun lah hian an motor ah te hmu ila, min nuih vur vur a, an kal leh daih zel.Lo tel ve ta che tih te chu hnai lo tak a ni.

Chuvangin vairama Mizo officer an ni ema ni lo emaw, Mizo chhungkua te hian tlawmngaihna nen an awm tih hi hriat pui fo a tha.



Venghnuai, Sihpui Veng

Laltlanzova, Ramhlun South-in 10 Dec 2004 Vanglaini Daily a ‘Middle East a inthawn liam zawng’a tih kha a hlauthawng hleah ka ngai.Amah Laltlanzova hian Mizote a hmangaih avang leh tawhsual an tawh palh a hlau a ni ber a, hetiang lam zawng a thlir chuan a hlauhawm em em a, Middle East mai ni lo., khawvel hmun hrang hrang hi tunlaiah chuan a hlauhawm vek tawh a, hman laia Democracy leh Communism in ep thin kha bo tawhin tunah erawh chuan khawvel hian ‘international terrorism’ a buaipui ta ber a ni.

Khawchhak ram khi a ralmuang vek lo tih hriat a tha tho.Phillipines ah khian Muslim hel an awm a, sawrkar nen pawha in be hlei thei lo an ni.Thailand ram muang thin te pawh a ralmuang thei ta bik chuang lo.Indonesia buaina kan hriat kha.Heng Loas, Cambodia, PRC, Vietnam leh Burma te chu inhlawhna tlak a ni lo tih chu kan hre vek bawk.Japan leh Singapore kal a harsa bawk si.Middle East erawh chu Oil lamah an hausa, an ramah zirna te, hriselna lamte leh a dang danga thawk tur hian an ram mite hian an daih lo nasa em em a, mithiam pawh an nei tlem em em a ni.Sapram leh ram changkangah kal a harsa tawh si a, Middle East-a kal tur hian thalaite hian kan huaisenna, finna leh thiamna kan hmang tur a ni.A buaithlak ta ber erawh chu insawi thaih hi a ni

Middle East ah khuan Holy Land-Palestine-Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia leh Iraq te chauh an awm lo tih hi hriat a tha.India ramah pawh Jammu and Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Mizoram te chauh an awm lo ang hi a ni mai.Khing rama in hlawh kher lo pawh khian ARAB ramdangah in hlawhna a tam, khai mah aw-Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar leh Turkey te pawh an awm tih hriat a tha.Iraq ramte phei chu America in a run hma phei chuan Muslim ram zingah Saddam Hussein kha Turkey tih lohah chuan ‘secular’ ber a ni asin.Tin, India mite in hlawhna ram hi Israel a ni lo a, Lebanon pawh hi a ni ber lo a, Syria a ni ber bawk lo.Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan angahte hian Mizo thalaite inhlawha kal turin ka ti lo a, ram dang tam tak a aia chhen fak awm zawk an tam a, chung ram te chu a ni kal tura ka fuih zawk chu ni.Hotela thawk turin, nurse hna thawk tur leh schoola thawk turin heng Oman ,UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait leh Saudi Arabia, Qatar te hi an tih chi hle a ni.A hnuaia Table hi han en teh le.

A chung atang khian khawii ram nge inhlawh nan a kal tlak tih chu a hriat theih ngei ang.Ziah tawh angin sapram te chu a chakawm a, a buaithlak tih chu kan hriat vek kha.Heng Middle East vela thawk duh chuan The Hindu leh National paper dang atangin hna ruak dil tur chi tam tak a awm reng a ni.

Laltlanzova’n Kuwait rama Indian driver an ru bo a tih pawh kha Kuwait ramah ni lovin, Iraq ram ah zawk a ni.Kuwait Company Iraq ram chhunga thawkte driver an ni zawk.Muslim ramah hian foreigner hi an haw hranpa lo a, an huat zawk chu sakhaw dang hi a ni zawk.A haw tute pawh fundamentalists ho an ni a, moderates te pawh an awm ve tho a ni.Ram dang mi haw tute chu kan ngaihsan tunlai a Europe rama ‘Right Wing Party’ an tih ho khu a ni.

Tun maiah hian kan ramah eirukna leh in thamna a bo dawn lova, keimahni leh mahni in chawm thei tur development tun maiah kan nei dawn lova, lo nei ta pawh ni ila, kum tam fe tak tak a ngai dawn a ni.Chuvangin kan thalai hna nei lote hian industry lian tham kan neih huna hnathawh tur an lo nghak ngawt ngawt mai dawn em ni ?.Hetiang kan neih hma hian ‘transitional period ‘ a kan hna tur ngaihtuah a ngai asin.Zirna tha phei chu kum tamtak teh meuh a duh asin, heng ka lo zir ve tawhna St.Xaviers College Calcutta leh Madras Christian College Chennai te, leh hmun dang St.Stephens College Delhi te, St.Xaviers College Mumbai te, La Martiniere College Calcutta leh Lucknow te hi upa tawh tak tak kum za aia upa vek an ni.IT lama invawrh sang tur chuan IT lam zirna atan hma lak a tha hle ang, amaherawh chu chu pawh chu kum sawm chhung ngawtin a in vawrh san theih loh.Tin, mithiam kan la ngah loh bakah state pawn atanga ‘faculty’ lo kal tur vaiho chu min chimral ang tiin kan hlau leh si ang.Thil hi buaithlak deuh mai a ni.

Tunlai khawvel leh kan Mizorama hna avan tawh em avangin Middle East-a kal chu thil tha ber a ni tlat tawh a ni.Khawii hmun pawh hi a hlauawm tawh a, kum 2001 a America a thil thlengte pawh kha American mipuite chuan an ring phak bik hauh lo a ni.Kan hmuhsit zawk vaiho pawh Middle East-a an thawh ngam chuan enge kan thawh ngam loh nachhan tur.India ramah hna zawng turin ka kal dawn ti ta se, Jammu and Kashmir kherah a kal lo ang a, state ralmuang Karnataka leh Tamil Nadu leh hmun dang a pan mai dawn a ni.Chutiang bawkin Middle East ah hna ka thawk dawn tiin Israel, Iraq, leh Jordanah kher kal tur a ni hek lo.Kerala mi tamtak Middle East-ah an awm a, nuam an ti em em.Madras Christian College leh Loyola College Chennaia zirlai tam tak khu an chhungte Middle East-a awm, zirna sang zawk dawng tura India rama lo kal an tam em em a ni.Khung ramah khuan pawisa a tam tih hi hai rual a ni lova, a peih tan chuan kal ngei chi a ni.

Sipaia tang turin kan in fuih kan in fuih thin a, Kashmir indona te kan hria a, hman ni lawka Mizo sipai Kashmir-a thi ta Mizoram rawn thlen pui pawh kan hriat kha,sipai chu indona hmunah te tirh an ni thin si a,chuvangin Middle East pawh kan hlau anih chuan sipaia tang tur pawh hian in fuih in fuih tawh loin a hlauhawm zia hi tlangau pui chiam chiam mai zawk ila a tha awm mang e.Chuvangin a seh a seh hma hauh a thil hi huphurh tur a ni lo.Gaza leh West Bank a in hlawhte chu a sawi a sawi chi pawh a ni lo,mi fing pangai tan chuan heng hmuna inhlawh tum phet tur thu a awm lo reng reng a, sawrkar emaw UNO hnuaia sipai ‘peace keepers’ ang turte an nih loh chuan.Tin, India mi Israel kal tumte tan chuan Israel Visa hi thil awlai tak a ni lo tih hi hriat a tha, a buai lai ber leh a chhe lai ber ngaihtuah chuan Laltlanzova thil rawn sawi hi a awm ve tho a ni.India ram pawh a buai lai ber sawi tur chuan sawi tur kan ngah ang.
Spain ah pawh Barcelona leh Pamplona vel chu Basque helho ETA-Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna in buaina an siam reng a, Colombia ah pawh Fueraz Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia an hrang em em ,sapram England ngeiah pawh political party pakhat National Party a awm a, ‘extreme’ takin kal lo mahse ramdang mi an ngai thei lo em em, chutiang zelin Belgium, Netherlands leh Europe ram hrang hrangah pawh ramdang mi huatna hi a tam ta hle a, Northern Ireland-ah pawh IRA kan hriat vek hi.Peru-ah lah Shining Path an hrang em em bawk a, kan thenawm lawkah ULFA, Tripura rama hel ho leh Manipur rama helho kan hriat vek hi.Khawvel hi buaina leh manganna hlir a ni, khawii lai mah hi fihlim an awm lo.Mizorama IAS lo kal turte pawhin an huphurh thin em em a, an lo thlen tawh chuan an huphurh ang hi a ni lo.Tin, chanchinbu lam pawh hian thil tha lo lam chu a ti hlauhawm zual thin.College kan kal lai kum 2001 vel khan vaiho chuan Mizoram chu silaia in kahna hmun a ni ti raw tiin mi an zawt chawk thin.A chhan chu phai lam chanchinbu te thil ziah dan a dik tawk loh vang a ni mai.
Tunah hian thalaite hian hlau lo a ke kan pen a hun ta, in sawithaih tih vel atanga kan chak ngawih ngawih pawh kan ti thei dawn lo a nih chuan kan changkang har duh ngawt ang, in sawithaihna chi leh a tak tak chu a awm teh meuh mai a, Chechnya-ah hna thawk rawh tih chu in duhsak lohna a ni ang a, Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Manama-ah emaw hnathawk turin i kal ve dawn em maw ni le tih chu in duhsakna tawngkam a ni.A enga mah hma a kidnap tur emaw helho thah tura in ngaih ngawt pawh hi a dik lo.Kan ram ngeiah pawh Bru hovin min kidnap ve tho a, kan awmdan turah hian thu kan nei lo a, a chhe ber leh a tha ber pawh kan chunga a lo thleng thei a ni tih hi hriat ve ve a tha ang.
Tin,’unemployment’ hi Mizoram mai ni lo, India ram mai ni lo, khawvelah buaipui tham a ni a, European Union, ram changkang in zawmkhawm pawl ram te pawh ‘unemployment’ hian a ti buai ve tho a ni tih hriat a tha bawk.Hna hmuh loh chungchangah hian Mizo thalaite dem tur phei chu a ni hranpa lo a, mahse sawrkarin a hna a pek kan nghah tir dawn em ni ?.Sawrkar zarzo tum phet hian kan thalaite ‘morale’ ti chhia a ni.Kan zir leh thiamna hmang hian a ni dawn lawm ni thalaite hian kan chhungte kan pek let ve dawn.

Tun maiah power hnianghnar, infrastructure tha, quality education kan nei dawn lo, sawrkar pawhin employment a ‘generate’ thei mai dawn lova, sawrkar leh private industry lian tak tak kan nei mai dawn lo, chumi nghah nan chuan kut kuangkuahin kan thu mai mai ang maw ?. Hnai lo e, a theihna na ah Middle East a ni emaw, Near East a ni emaw, Far East a ni emaw, West Indies a ni emaw, East Indies a ni emaw, Africa a ni emaw, Delhi, Bangalore a ni emaw, khawi hmunah pawh kalin chhungte thawhchhuah sa ring ringawt lova, mahni a sum hai luh zir ila, taimak leh thawhrimna erawh chu khawi hmunah pawh keng zelin, Mizo kan ni kan hmel a tha , kan tum a sang bawk si tih kha kan changvawn tur a ni ang.


Zawlnuam YMA General Conference a thu pass pakhat, ‘Mizo thalai hna zawng mek te tan Aizawlah sawrkarin coaching center tha tak din se’ tih a ni a.Ni e, tun laiin hna a vang em em a, kan ramah hlawk zawk leh hlawh tam zawka hnathawh tur private company te kan lo nei ve si lo a, kan tana hnazawnna awlsam leh sawkar hna ni si chu heng Central sawrkarina a hna lak, UPSC emaw, SSC emaw, sipai hna hrang hrang a lak hi a ni deuh ber mai.Hei hi kan chhawr thiam chuan thil tha tak, kan thalaite pawhin a hna an hmuhna leh an hrawk chawmna ber tur a ni ang.Mizoram Coaching Academy leh MZP te pawhin Aizawlah Mizo thalai hna zawnglai tan Coaching Center tha tawk tak leh library siam ni se tih pawh an rawt tawh a, Mizo thalaite tana tangkai tur nge a nih tih leh sawrkar tana sum leh pai hekna mai mai a nih theih thu leh cash incentive tih tam a ngaih thu te pawh hman deuhah ka ziak tawh nghe nghe a ni.YMA hial pawhin coaching center din an duh chuan kan thalai hna zawng mek te tan hian an hun leh tha te, ngaihtuahna te an lo hmang fe tawh a ni tih a hriat theih awm e.

Tunlai khawvelah sawrkar department ten an hloh zel laiin private company te erawh chuan nasa taka tan la chungin an hlep thei zel rih a, hei hi a chhan tam tak a awm ang a, sawi vek theih pawh a ni lo ang.Hetiang a nih mek lai hian kan sawrkar laipui pawhin sawrkar hna lak tih tlem tumin nasa takin tan a la a, civil service competitive exam a buatsaihna atanga hna a lak te pawh nasa takin a ti tlem tial tial thin a nih hi.Amaherawh chu heti chung hian keini tribal te chuan hnazawnna lamah ngaihnathiamna sawrkarin min pe a, a tih zia hle.Hemi ‘chance’ hi kan thalai lehkhathiam rual ho hian hman tangkai tum se la, a thiam leh a peih fate tan chuan engti kawng emaw a sawrkar hna tha tak tak chelh hi a la theih zel a ni tih hi kan hriat nawn fo a tha ang.

Tichuan, thalaite hma khua ngai a sawrkarin coaching center Aizawlah lo din ta se...kan thalai lehkhathiam hna hmu lo ho hian an chhawr tangkai ang em ?.Anih loh vek pawh in mimal angin emaw pawl angin emaw he coaching center atang hian sum leh pai lama hlawkna hmuh a, coaching center sawrkarin a din chhan leh thil tum bo thak khawp a che duh kan in siam thei mai ang em ?.He coaching center hi lo din ta pawh ni ila, competitive exam hrang hranga lehkhabu lei ngai a tam nasa dawn si a, civil service mai ni lo, CDS te, NDA leh NA te,Forest te, Engineering Services te, Combined Medical Service te, Economics and Statistical Services te. Geologists exam te leh UPSC hnuaia hna hrang neuh neuh exam te, Staff Selection Commission hnuaia hna exam theih chi te leh sipa i lam leh police lama hna tenau exam chi te leh a dangte huap lehkhabu tha a kan sawi leh hriat chu lei kim vek a ngai ngei ang a, chung atang hlawk tum vangin second hand lehkhabu leh mi pawhin a an hman duh loh lehkhabu thar ni ve si leh tlawm si te kan supply mai ang tih hi thil hlauhawm tak a ni.

Tin, a chunga kan sawi bakah Bank PO exam lam te leh UGC-NET lamte pawh kan thlir ve ngei a tha ang.Mi zawng zawng leh zirlai zawng zawngte hian civil service hi an phak kher loh bakah an tui kher lo a ni thei a, hna dang tha tak tak a awm tho bawk nen.Chuvangin coaching center chu lo nei ta pawh ni ila, kan thalai te’na an bawh deuh leh an tuina deuh bik ‘line’ kha kan hriat thiam sak a tha hle ang.Kan tana sawt miah lo tura rilru leh tha sen vak te pawh hi thil hlauhawm tak a ni.Vawikhat chu kan vengah hian career counselling Mizorama officer senior tak pakhatin min rawn neih sak a, airlines pilot a luh theih dan a sawi chiam mai a, kan veng ang miretheite tan chuan a awmzia a nei tlem hle.

Coaching Center chu lo nei ta pawh ni ila, a zirtirtu lam ‘faculty’ tur lam hi le...I ngaih tuah mai chuan hetiang lama ‘experiance’ nei Mizote zingah kan vang em em a ni tih i hmu thei ang.Tuna kan Mizoram University a kan mi thiam tak tak ho hi an thiamna lam ah chuan mi chhuanawm tak tak an ni ngei mai , amaherawh chu hetiang ang India ram hna sang tak tak a kan thalaite kaihruai tur hian ‘experiance’ an nei lo hle rih si nen, hman deuha college tha thlan chhuah resultah pawh khan Lecturer zinga NET nei tamna subject kha result chhe ber pawl a ni tih a hmuchhuak ve tlat bawk nen, chuvangin thil hi ngun taka ngaihtuah hmasak phawt a, chumi hnu a coaching center din chauh chu ni se a tha hle ang.

Awle, coaching center chu lo nei ta ila chuan kan thalai lehkha thiam, lehkhabu tha nei zo ve lo leh phai lama zirna tur nei ve lo tan tangkai ngei ang le.Coaching center chu xerox machine mai ni lo copier machine changtlung tak nen thuam ni ta se, zirlaite tan chung ‘photocopy’ man chu tlema tlawm zawkin tih sak se, lehkhabu tha nei ve zo lo tan a va han tangkai dawn em.Tin, coaching center chuan sawrkar ruat Coordinator emaw Director emaw, full time a thawk tur hlawh pawh tlema tha ve deuh pe se, bang leh mai mai lo tur leh hetiang lama tui mi leh background lo nei tawh te chhawr ngei se a tha ngawt ang.

Hetiang ang sawrkar siam coaching center hi a lun lo thei hle a, civil service atan ngat phei chuan a thiam leh a nei fa te chuan Delhi bawk an pan a, a hausa fa hlei hlei hi a thiam a chu an ni leh bawk si a. Tin, kan aia state changtlung leh changkang zawk pawhin civil service, all India service te, Bank PO atan te pawh Delhi bawk an pan leh tho a ni.Chuvangin he coaching center kan din tura pawh hi nakin zelah library lian takah chauh kan chhuah ang tih pawh hi thil hlauawm tak a ni.Civil service bik atan hi chuan kan sawrkar pawh hi ngilnei deuh se, Prelims a tling te tan hian lawmmanah cheng sing khat mai ni lo, cheng sing nga vel thleng hi Delhi a Mains exam in buatsaih nan phal ta se a tha hle ang.Amaherawh chu vawikhat lak tawh chuan lak nawn theih loh ti ta se.

Coaching center din kan tum a nih chuan eng angin nge state dang hian sawrkar siam coaching center an lo kal pui tih te hi zir chiang hmaa phawt ila, a zir chiang turin Shillong ah emaw Gauhati emaw, Madras emaw leh hmun dang sawrkar coaching center awmna te zawngin zir hmasak phawt hi thil tih chi tak a ni ang.Thil pakhat leh chu Delhi leh Hyderabad vela private coaching tha tak tak leh hmingthang tak tak ho kal dan leh in enkawl dan te emaw khu chiang takin zir hmasa ila, kan rama tih ve chi a ni nge ni lo, zirlai te tan a tangkai dawn nge dawn lo tih te ngun taka zir hmasak chu thil tha ber a ni ang.Amaherawh chu, kan ramah hian competitive exam lama min puitu tur lehkhabu hi hmuh a harsa em em tih hi mi zawng zawngin kan hre vek a, chuvangin library emaw, eng center emaw, lehkhabu hawh chhuah theihna tur chu kan thalaite hian an mamawh em em a ni tih chu hai rual a ni lo.

Coaching center kan neih avang khan All India levelah hna kan hmuh tam phah sawt ang em tih kha ngun taka chhut a ngai a, a pawimawh ta ber chu hmun hrang hranga sawrkar siam coaching center leh private coaching center te kal dan zir chian hmasak phawt a,coaching center siam chu thil tul lo a nih chuan competitive exam turte tan bika library lian tak siam erawh chu thil tha tak a ni ang.


thalaite leh taimakna

Thufingte Bung 12:27 ah chuan Venghnuai YMA member te’na kan hriatreng tur leh kan thlahthlam hauh loh tur, ‘Mihring sum hlu chu taimak a ni’ tih kan hmu a.Mihring kan nih chhung chuan kan ei leh in, silh leh fen mamawhin damchhung chu kan hmang dawn a ni.Chuvangin thalai kan nih a YMA member kan nih bawk si chuan awm awl hi a in hmeh lo em em a ni tih kan hriat nawn fo hi a tha hle.YMA thuvawn pawimawh tak tak te pawh Kristian nun tha ngaihsan leh hun awl hman that tih a nih kha. Isua pawh khan a hun awlah a pa hnathawh mistiri hna a pui thin a.Khawvel chhandamtu pawhin hnathawh a zah si loh chuan keini a chhandam fate hian hna thawh kan lo zak tur a ni bik dawn em ni ?.

Mizo sapram kalte’na an sawi reng thin chu hna an thawk nasa tih leh hnathawh an zah loh thu tih hi a ni .Kan ram kan thlen tawh erawh chuan a thu chiah kan hawn tawh thin.Eng hna pawh thawk ila a thawk tu a zir in a zahawmin a zahawm lo thei a ni.Hna hnuaihnung ber pawh thawk mah ila, mahni’n kan kan zir chuan kan ti zahawm thiam em em ang.Officer hna lian tak pawh thawk mah ila, kan ruih san buk buk chuan kan hna kha a hlu lo hle a ni tih hriat a tha.Rim takin YMA member te erawh chuan thawk ila, ei hmu tlak leh malsawm tlak ni tur a kan thawh hi a ngai a ni.Thawhrimna hmusit lovin, tlakranna erawh chu i kalsan daih ang u.Malsawmna dawng tur chuan taimak a ngai a ni tih hi kan hriat nawn fo a tha.

Tunlaiin thalai hnathawk lova tei rawlai mai mai leh chhungte chawmhlawma in la lian ve ngawt te kan tam sawt em em a, hei hi YMA member te tan chuan a mawi lo hle.YMA member kan nih chuan hunawl kan hmang tha tur a ni a, mahni intodelh kan tum tur a ni.Thatchhiat leh chawmhlawm nih hi YMA member tan a mawi lova, ram leh hnam, chhungkua leh khawtlang thlenga boralna thlen theitu a ni.Thawk peih lo chuan ei pawh ei suh se tih hi kan hmang rim viau, chuti anih si chuan YMA member ni bawk,Kristian ni bawk zingah hian ei leh in thei lo tur kan tam hle ang.Isua’n hnathawktu chu a ei tur hmu tlak a ni si a a tih angin (Mathaia 10:10),hnathawktu chuan rim taka a thawhchhuah hlutna a hria a, sum tam tak a khawl thin reng a ni.

Tun darkar atang hian taimakna leh thawhrimna chu Venghnuai thalaite hian tan ila,Pathian thu pawhin ‘Thil tha tih i ning suh ang u, kan in thlahdah loh zawngin a hun te ah chuan kan la at dawn si a’ a tih kha(Galatia 6:9).Zirlai kan nih chuan kan zirna lamah taima takin kan zir tur a ni.Tum nei lovin YMA member chuan a zir tur a ni lova, tum tha tak, YMA leh khawtlang te’na an la chhawr tangkai theih ngei tur tum mumal tak ‘ aim’ kan nei ngei ngei tur a ni.Thalai tam tak hnathawk peih lo pung thur thur hian khawtlang tluk chhiatna min thlen ngei dawn a, chumi veng tur chu nang leh kei hi a ni tih hi i hre reng ang u.Chutiang bawkin nitina hnathawka chhuak thin kan ni emaw, office kan kal emaw, kan nitin hnathawhah Mizo thalai diktak, rinawm leh hlemhle ve ngai lo YMA member kan nih zia hi lan tir zel ila, mahni leh kan chhungkaw tan chauh kan zir in kan thawk lo a,khawtlang thatna tur leh hmasawnna tur kan thawk tel ve zel a ni tih hi kan hai tur a ni lo.

Tunlaiin thalai tamtak,mobile phone to tak tak keng chhuak ve, a bill pek dawna nu leh pa te pek sak ngai,pawnlam leh ngaihtuahna cjhiah chjangkang kan tam ta hle.Mi9 hlawhtling chuan mahni leh chhungkua mai ni lo a vengte thlengin a chawimawi thin a ni.Hetianga veng ti hmingtha tur hi YMA member atangin tunge chhuak thei ang le.Hetianga thalaite kan awm chuan tuna kan YMA hruaitu fel tak takte hnung zuitu tur kan la in hmu lo mai ang tih hi a hlauhawm hle

Tun Diamond Jubilee atang chuan taima leh zuala kan hmaa awm theuh thawh a,veng chhung ti hmingtha tu nih a,kan phak ang tawk zela taimakna leh thawhrimna chhawm nun zel hi kan mawhphurhna a ni tih i hre nawn leh ang u.Taimakna leh thawhrimna hi a Pathian thu a, taima taka zawngtu te chuan Amah chu an la hmu ang a, chhandam an la ni ang tih a nih angin,Pathian tih tak chung leh Amaha innghat chung zela YMA member te kan kal chuan nun kawng dik, mite entawn leh zah kan ni mai dawn a ni.Chuvangin thawhrimna avanga hahchawlhna nuam neih kan duh chuan kan hun awl te hi hmang thain taimakna hi kan vul tir reng tur a ni.

Tawng tlem la, thawk tam rawh.


Hman deuh khan Aizawl chanchinbu pakhatah ‘Foreign-a hnathawh leh Mizoram Economy’ tih ka chhiar a, ka ngaihtuahna a kal thui hle a.A chhan chu Mizote hi rampawna kal chak tak si, kal ngam si lo kan ni.Tawng thuah te, lunglen leh in lam ngaih vangte leh manhi inrin tawk lohna a vangte pawh a ni thei ang.Nia, Mizote chu mahni ram ngaina tak leh hmangaih tak kan ni.Tunlaia kan rama thalai hna nei lo lehkhathiam ho hian Middle East leh khawchhak lam te hi kal dan ngaihtuah se chu kan ram in sum tam tak kan hai luh phah ngei ang.USA leh ram changkang tak tak erawh chu kal a harsat thu kan hre vek si a, chuvangin hna pawh heng Middle East ram hausa deuh deuh ho ah hian a tam hle.

Tunah phei chuan kan sawrkar pawh a in phal zau tawh em em mai a. Foreign atanga pawisa dawn theih zat pawh a ti pung nasa tawh em em a ni.Kan Aizawl khawpui ngeiah pawh Money Transfer-na awl te, Western Union Money Transfer a awm a,a tih zia hle.Tichuan helai kan ram zimte a thla khata tlemte hlawh ai chuan Gulf ram angah te hian kal nachang hria ila chuan kan that pui ngei ang a, tin, phai lam thil vek kan ei leh in leh silh leh fen thlenga kan rin avangin foreign atanga pawisa kan chhungte’n an rawn thawn atang khan kan ram pawisa chu kan hmu let leh zel thei dawn tihna a ni.Non-Resident Indians leh Persons of Indian Origin zingah pawh hian foreign a India mi tam ber chu Kerala mi te an ni.Amaherawh chu heng Arab rama Keralites ho hi saprama vai hausa tak tak angin an hausa ve lo a, amaherawh chu an tam hneh em avangin India ramah heng ho hian pawisa an rawn thawn lut tam ber a ni.

Kerala state-ah khuan Cochin khawpuiin International Airport an mamawh em em thin a, Central sawrkar lahin a pe thei si lova, tichuan Kerala state ministers ho chuan an mi leh sa tamna Middle East ah ‘road show’ an zu nei ta a, kut an dawh tihna a nih chu, khunga Kerala mi lo awm te chuan Cochin International Airport Limited chu hlawh tling takin an siam thei ta a, tunah phei chuan he Airport hi India rama airport lun ber zing a mi a ni tawh a ni.He Airport hi Middle East a Kerala mite siam a ni a, ‘share holder’ an awm a, an share holder te pawh inhlawhfa atanga mi hausa ‘retail chain’ neitu te an ni.Chuvangin keini Mizo te pawh hian he Kerala Model hi zir chiangin kan duh chuan an ni aiin kan fing a ni tih hi i hre reng ang u.Kerala ho hi a lawm India ram kilkhawr ber berah pawh hna thawk peih chu ni.An ni hian kan rama pawisa tam tak hi an ram ah an thawn thin a nih hi.Chutiang bawkin keini pawhin kan peih chuan kan ti ve thei a ni tih hi kan hai tur a ni lo ang.

Kan ram a rethei a, thawh chuah nei lo state kan ni a, India ram ah pawh a pachhe ber kan ni.Ei leh barah kan intodelh lo si a, pawisa lak luhna engmah kan nei bawk si lo,kan tih theih awm chhun chu foreign a inhlawhfa a kal hi a ni ber mai.Tichuan kan rama mirethei anga in sawi te pawh hian an fate pawisa rawn thawn kha Aizawl Dak In puia Western Union Money Transferah an la tawh ang a, US dollar, Omani Rial, Kuwaiti Dinar kan ti puam telh telh tawh mai dawn a ni.

Helai kan ramchhung ringawta ei leh bar leh in tuam hlawmna tur kan zawn chhung chuan kan thalaite hi nakinah an la beidawng ang a, beidawnna khura mihring kan tluk tawh chuan thil buaithlak zo vek tawh thin a ni.Kan sawrkarin thalaite hmakhua ngaiin service industry vela an thawh theih awm tawk tur rampawnah training a buatsaih sak a, hei pawh hi a chhawr tangkai thiam chuan an chhawr tangkai hle.Thla khata cheng sing chuang hlawhte pawh an awm a ni, hlawh mai ni lo sap tawng leh vai tawngte, awmdan mawite an neih phah lehnghal.Mizo nula pakhat pawh Mizorama BA chhuak a ni, a tum ruh em avangin Delhi ah hmun hnih hmun thumah a ‘shift’ in a thawk a, thla khat ah chuan cheng sing chuang daih asin a hlawh ni.Hetiang deuh bawk hian kan sawrkar hian thalaite foreign a an inhlawhna turin khawii Recruitment Agency rintlak tak hi dawr ta se, Mizo thalaite tan Middle East ah inhlawhna tur siam ta se a tha mai thei bawk.Amaherawh chu Middle East a inhlawh a kal tur hian kan sawrkar tih buai ngai kher lovin in hlawhna tur chu a tam em em a ni.Thawk phita sawrkar rin chhan ngawt pawh hi a ni lo.Kan thalai hote hi han kal thla mai se chu thla khat ah pawisa tam tak an rawn thawn thei ngei ang.

Kan ramin thawh chhuah engmah a nei si lova, kan pawisa lah Silchar lamah leh a aia thlangah leh Burma lamah a lut chho reng bawk nen, hetia kan thalaiten foreign-ah hna an thawh chuan an pawisa rawn thawn atang khan mi ram pawisa kan lo hlep ve zel dawn a ni.Foreign a hna thawh tih hian keini chuan sapram leh a chang kangah kan rilru a awm nghal ngawt thin.Ram changkangah chuan vanneih fe loh chuan an ram luh phalna neih a har em em a ni.Khung Arab ram angte chuan Work permit neih pawh a la awlai deuh mai bak ah India mi te inhlawh tur in an tam em em a ni.Chuvangin kan thalai lehkhathiam ho hian sawrkar ringawta in nghat lovin, mahnia tei chhuah ngam te zir ila,India pawisa mai ni lo ramdang pawisa atang hian in tih hauhsak i tum tawh ang u.


Mizoramin mahni pualin University kan nei ve ta hi thil lawmawm tak a ni.Mahse kan university chu a quality em? A course content a tha in a tunlai em? University dang zir duh tawh loh leh kalsan tawh te kan la zir em? Refresher course Lecturer ten an nei tha em?.Lecturer te an in chhiar zau tawk em?.tih te, zirlai ho zingah in elna thianghlim a awm tha em? tih te hi zirna tha kan neih leh neih loh tehfung a ni.Tin, kan syllabus neih dan a zirin a zir chhuakte an changkang em? tih te hi a teh theih a ni.Thiamna mai bakah clasroomah , proffesor te hma ah emaw ‘seminar’ an nei ngam em tih te hi chhut ngun hle a ngai a ni.Syllabus chungchangah chuan MZU BA Political Science hi a up-to-date lo hle a.Mahni puala University nei kan ni tawh bawk a, syllabus te chu kan duh duhin UPSC Civil Service oriented in emaw UGC-NET oriented in emaw duh leh university hrang hrang Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai emaw atangte pawhin kan la khawm thei a ni.

MZU hnuaia BA Political Science chuan first year ah major leh general ten paper I leh paper IV an nei a,second yearah paper II, V leh VI an nei bawk.Third yearah paper III, VII leh VIII an nei bawk a ni.Thil mak tak ni a lang chu University dang pawhin a an neih Political Thought paper hi MZU leh NEHU chuan zu nei hauh lo a.

Paper-I Political Theory hi ‘State’ tih atangin a in tan tawp a. Hemi hmaah hian Approach to Study of Politics tih ang reng hi tel ta se ,duhthu a sam ang.Tin behaviouralism ,post-behaviouralism tih ang reng te hi MZU atanga Pol.Science pass chhuakte chuan an hre lo hle ang .Paper-I topic dang hi chu a tha e.

Paper-II hi Major Political System a ni.He tah hian UK,USA,China(PRC)zir hi a tawk fu lo maw?Ram awm tawh lo USSR la zir tuk tuk hi enge a tangkaina?Political System of USSR upto 1988 tih a la ni leh nghal.Kum 1989-90-ah USSR a kehdarh si a.Calcutta University-ah chuan BA Political Science-in End of USSR tih a tang in asin an zir ni.

Paper-III Indian Political System tihah hian Constitution of India telh a tha bawk lo maw ?A thu hrim ah University dangte nena khai khin hian paper zawng zawng tih theih deuh thawah hian a course content a tlem hrim hrim niin a lang.

Paper-IV-Introduction to World Politics a Part ‘A’ hi chu a tha hle.Part’B’hi chu a tangkaina a awm lem lo.History ho zir tur ni awm tak zawk a ni.Tin,hemi Paper ah hian End of Cold war,End of USSR,East-West Conflict,NATO,Globalization tih ang reng te hi seng lut ta ila a tha hle lawng maw.Tin,SAARC ,Multinational Companies,Balance of power te,tin,Part’B’ atan Comparative Politics hi a tha hle lawng maw?

Paper-V course content pawh a chhe lo e, amaherawh chu course content a tlem mai

Special Reference to Mizoram tih paper hi compulsory in awm se , University dang ah pawh an state politics chu kan zir ve tho si a.

Paper’VII’ zawng hi paper-I ah dahbelh se,Paper-VII atan Political Sociology hi dah se,tin,Paper-VIII a tan Public Administratian hi Compulsory paper ni se la a tha hle in a rinawm.University zawng zawng ah Public Administration hi zir a ni si a,paper pakhat a tan.

Tin, paper hrang hrang sem darh dan hi thlak ni se,tun dinhmunah chuan University dang zawng zawngina an zir Western and Indian Political Thought te,Comparative Politics te,International Relations tih te hi MZU-te chuan an nei ve ta lo a ni . Hmanah Lecturer pakhat chuan JNU Syllabus zulzui in kan zir a ti a, mahse Under Graduate Course JNU ah a awm hauh si lova.Hriat ve mai mai atana tha chu University dang zir kha kan tan a tha ber a ni lem lo.

A zir chiang turin MZU thuneituten University hrang hrang dawr kual se la a tha hle ang. Tunlai Central Service leh UGC-NET atana in buatsaihna kawngah pawh nasa takin Syllabus a zirin kan che thain kan che chhe thei a ni.A thu hrimah Periodic Revision neih hi a tul hle in a hriat. Tuna Paper-VIII(a)-a United Nations tih paper hi Calcutta University ah chuan hemi paper pumpui hi topic pakhat ang lekah kan nei zu nia mawle”!!!.
Amaherawh chu,zirlaite zawh loh tur em em a tam erawh chu telh loh nise,tun lai khawvel in her danglam zelah hian a bik takin Political Science phei chu in up- to-. date a ngai si a.University thuneitute pawhin university syllabus te hi kan hun tawn chhoh ang zelin “Revision”nei thei se a tha ngawt ang.


Damdawiin hi a pawimawh a,dam kan duh avanga damdawiin pan kan ni.Hetah hian mirethei leh chanhai ve tak tak ten inthlahrung tak chungin doctor leh nurse te an be ve a, damdawiin lama thawk ten chhan dan an thiam hle a ngai thin.Heng mirethei te te ho hian mahni in dah hniamna rilru kan nei duh thin hle a, doctor leh nurse ten kan duh ang zan lo deuh a min chhan chuan dam a hnekin kan kan dam loh phah zawk thin a ni ber.Chuvangin doctor leh nurse te hi kan pawimawh a ni tih hi hriat a tha hle.Mi rilru na taka siam leh zak taka siam hi dam beiseia lo kal te beidawnga siam a awl hle thin a ni.

Tin, lehlamah erawh chuan mipui hian kan tawngkam leh chet zia ahte zir tur tam tak kan nei a ni.Damdawiin a thawkte hi mihring ve tho, thinrim ve thei, thinchhe ve tak tak, amaherah chu thinchhiat avanga misual ni lo, vin ve fe fe an ni.Pathianin doctor emaw nurse an nih avang ngawta zaidam tur leh englai pawha dam lo te tawngkam nem hlanga ti diai diai tura a siam an ni bik lo tih hriat tur a bi.Dam lo awmpui ten a kan hriat fo tur chu damlo kan hun lovah in kan tum phet te,phal bak aia tam dam lo bula am tlat te, damdawiin chhunga mei zuk te hi chin tam loh ah a tha hle ang.Hetiang anga danin a phal chin baka chete doctor in emaw nursein ema an hauh te hian a hau tu kha mi sual taka kan chhuah fo te hi chin tam loh a tha hle.

Tin, damlo leh awmpui tu ten nurse kan koh dan hi a mawi lo hle.Vai chhe te te chuan nurse hrim hrim hi ‘sister’ an ti mai thin, kan ti thiam ve lo a nih pawhin ‘ka pi’ tih mai tur a ni.Hei nurse nu lo kal lawk teh tih ching kan la tam mai.Anih leh office ah mi kan dawr a, LDC/UDC kan be hmasa a, hei LDC, i pu a awm em kan ti ngai em?Kan fate sikul luhna tur kan buaipui a, hei, zirtirtupa admission a la tih theih em? kan ti ngai em.

Apawng apuia nurse leh damdawiin a hna thawkte induh leh biak har tihfo pawh hi a tul lem lo. Office tam tak (a zavai deuh thaw) a thawk ho hi biak an har fe zawk lo maw?. Damdawiin-a hauh ngai ho hi dam lo leh a awmpuitu te thiam loh a ni fo. kolkata-a Woodlands Hospital-a damlo kan tlawh ve tum pawhin ,Mizo-ho bawk hi dan bawh chhia a, pahnih aia tam damlo kantu kan ni fo. Kothari Medical Centre, Kolkata-a damlo awmna room tukverh zawna kuhva eina hnu sen luai khu Mizo-ho kuhva eina hnuhma vek a ni. Tunah hian rawng an hnawih tha tawh nge phei chu ka hre lo a.

Pakhat leh chu Health Worker leh Nurse-te veng chhungah damlohna thu ah te,inchiu, drip khai,dressing ah te kan ko fo thin.Hengah te hian a awm tawk chu Health Worker Association leh Nursing Council-in inkohna man a siam a.A hre lo pawh in hawih hawm nan tal a awm tawk inkohna man hi pek ziah a tha , a chhan chu zingah hma tak takah te leh zan rei tak mut reh hnu te hian kan ko thin a,mipui in a nachang kan hriat fo hi a tha.

Lumet turin lumet thiam kan ko a, kan fate tuition lak sakin ‘home tutor’ kan ko a,koh man kan pe thin a ni. Nurse an nih a vang in inkohna man pek nachang kan hre lo fo hi kan mawl vang nge nurse kan ngaihsan loh vang zawk?

Tin, thil pakhat leh chu damdawi chungchang hi a ni.Medical Representative ho hian an Company siam damdawi an hralh theih nan Doctor te hnenah a thlawnin damdawi an pe thin a.Damdawi bur pawnah pawh ‘Physicians Sample-Not to be sold’ tih a in ziak thin. Heng damdawi hi Doctorin Nurse leh Nurse lo te pawh a pe ve thin a ni .Doctorte pawh hian a thlawnin an hnena damlo in entirte an pe fo zawk a ni.Amaherawh chu, lehkhathiam awm fe fe te pawhin Doctor emaw Nurse emaw eiruk an ti fo thin.Heng hi Doctorte leh Nurse eiruk ni lovin damdawi zuartu ten an damdawi siam an hralh theih nana a thlawn a an pek a ni zawk.

A tawp berah chuan damdawi lam a thawk te hian tawngkam thlahdah lo se,an tawngkamin mi a ti dam in a ti damlo thei tih hre thar leh se la a tha hle ang. Tin,damlo leh a awmpuitute lam pawh in phal chin bak aia tam in awm pui lovin,damdawiin chhung bazar emaw ti a bengchhen te, meizukte,tham lo tak leh chaldelh taka damdawi in lama thawkte koh hi sim i tum theuh ang u.



Democracy ram chu in thlang ram kan ni a, America pawh democracy a nih avangin inthlang ram, keini India ram ang bawka in thlang ram a ni ve a ni.Inthlan hi thil hautak zet mai a ni a, sawrkarin a full term a hman zawh loh a inthlan a ngaih chang te hian mithiamte rilru hi a lo hah hle thin , a chhan chu inthlanah hian sum tamtak sen a ngai a, ram economy dinhmun a chhiat phah fo thin a ni.America hi thil engkima changkang zawk leh tha ber zawk emaw kan lo ti palh ang e, inthlan chungchangah erawh chuan America aiin India hi kan changkang zawk tlat asin!!.

Pakhatnaah chuan India ramah chuan inthlanna lama thuneitu sang ber Election Commission of India kan nei a, Constitution of India in a siam a ni leh nghal.Article 234 in a sawi dan chuan heng Parliament inthlante,state inthlante, President leh Vice President thlan chungchang hi Election Commission kut ah vek dah a ni.Tin, hei mai bakah hian dan fel tak Representation of Peoples Act kan ramah chuan kan la nei cheu bawk.He dan hian candidate zawng zawng a phuar tlat a ni.America ah ve thung chuan state tin khuan election commission an nei vek a, inthlan chungchanga dan pawh state tin te khuan an nei hrang fir fer a ni.

Pahnihnaah chuan kan ramah hian inthlan naah costiteuncy lian leh te ah pawh returning officer pakhat chiah kan nei a, ballot paper pawh pakhat chiah, chupawh a size leh thil engkim in ang kan hmang bawk.America ah erawh chuan ballot paper hi a hrang nuai a, state pakhat chhung a district hrang hrang te pawhin a chang chuan ballot paper hrang hlak an nei thin.

Pathumnaah chuan kan ramah chuan electronic voting machine hman vek tur tih a nih chuan kan hmang vek mai a, America ah erawh chuan voting machine hmang an awm a, a thenin ballot paper an la hmang lawi si nen.Hmun thenkhaah chuan an voting machine hman hi a upa tawh em em a, kum za aia upate pawh an ni thin.Hmun then khat ve thungah erawh chuan a tunlai thei ang ber, kan voting machine aia changkang a ni lawi si.Chuvangin ‘uniformity’-in an tlanna awm lo reng reng a ni.

Palina, India ramah chuan civil service officer ho hian election an buaipui thin a, heng officer ho hi politics a in hnamhnawih phal a ni lo reng reng a ni.America ramah erawh chuan election official-te hian party tan lam ual au takin an ti lang thin a ni.Kan hriat theuh angin kum 2000 USA inthlan khan Florida state a Secretary of State Kathrine Harris kha ual au taka Republican George W.Bush tantu tia puh a nih kha.Mi tam tak chuan Al Gore tlin loh chhanah pawh he nu hi an puh a nih kha.Chuvangin kan ram hian inthlanna lama mithiam tak tak kan nei a ni tih hi hre ve thin ang u.

Venghnuai Sihpui Veng


Kan ram chu democracy anih avangin mitinin kan chanvo leh dikna humhalh theihna te, sawrkar sawichhiat theihna te hi kan nei a ni.Sawrkarin mipui duh loh zawng engemaw dan a siam anih chuan political party te, zirlai pawl leh tlawmngai pawl ten chu dan siam chu sawiselin, chanchinbu lam pawhin nasa takin an sawisel thin.Sawrkar policy kan sawisel vang ngawt khan sawrkarin min hrem kher lo.Hei tak hi kan vanneihna leh democracy ram kan nihna chu a ni.Tichuan Total Bandh thleng kan huaihawt ta thin a ni.Tunlaiin Bharat Bandh tihte, Mizoram Bandh tih te kan hre lar tawh hle.Bandh a awm reng rng hian sawrkar hnathawkte hian chawlh emaw ti ang hrimin kal loh kan tum nghal ngawt thin bawk.Kal luih tum pawh kan am thin lo.Chuvangin Total bandh neih hi thil tha ber a ni em tih hi chhut ngun a ngai hle a ni.

Bandh neih hi thil tha tak sawrkar duh loh entirna a tan pawh a tangkai hle a ni thei.Amaherawh chu bandh avang hian kan nitin nunphung a khaihlak nasa em em a ni.A bik takin mirethei, nitin a eichawp zawnga chhuak leh in hlawhfa te leh chawhmeh zuarte hi a nghawng nas zual a ni.Chawhmeh zuar ho phei chu an chawhmeh zawrhte hi zawrh chhuah tlak loh vin a chhe mai thin.Mi hausa leh neinung zawk te tan chuan bandh hi chawlh hahdamna ni tha tak niin a lang zawk.

Total Bandh hi a thuhrimah neih deuh chhen emaw, thawk a phit a bandh tih ngawt pawh hi a tha ber lo.Communist party rorelna West Bengal leh Kerala tih ang reng khuan bandh hi an uar em em mai a, a chhan chu an state ah khuan Trade Union politics a nasat em vang a ni.Heng Trade Union ho hi political party tan lam nei fir fer an ni vek a, sawrkarin engemaw an duh loh zawng dan a siam reng reng in heng trade union ho hian bandh an huaihawt nghal ngawt zel a ni.Trade union hi nawrtu lian tak a ni reng a, nasa taka a han chet tawh hi chuan sawtkar pawh hi a tawlh kir leh duai duai thin.Amaherawh chu heng bandh uarna hmunah hian industry ho hian an tuar nasa em em a,an tlakchhiat phah fo thin a ni.Foreign company tam tak hman laia Calcutta a hmun nei thin te pawhin an company in a tawrh thin avangin an office hi Bangalore, Hyderabad leh Chennei lamah an sawn phah fo thin a ni.Tichuan West Bengal sawrkar chuanrevenue leh foreign direct investment ah nasa takin a hloh ta thin a ni.

Ram pum huap anga bandh neih hi West Bengal, Bihar ahte hian a tam hrim hrim a, an dinhmun pawh state dang ai chuan a hniam hle reng a ni.Chuvangin bandh neih fo hi kan changkanna daltu a ni tih hria a, kan nitin nun phungte ,kut hnathawkte leh zirlai naupang te a nghawng a ni.Total Bandh pui pui nei lovin a aia kan nunphung ti buai lo tur,tangkai tak tho si,chawnghei te,poster emaw banner tarte emaw hi uar ta zawk ila, mirethei zawkte leh kan kut hnathawktu te kan ti buai lo zawk ngei ang.

Venghnuai Sihpui Veng
Published in Vanglaini & Aizawl Post on 14th July 2004


Vanglaini ni 19.3.2004 (Zirtawpni)chhuakah Larsapin Assembly House chhunga Hnam Hla sak laiin Gallery lam a ding lo an awm a ngaimawh thu Speaker a hrilh tih kan chhiar a.A ni lah tak a,Mizote hian India rama awm ka ni tih hi kan theihnghlih thin emaw ni tehreng ni, Hnam Hla etc sak laia lo nui vur vur, lo ding kawisawi takte kan awm thin,hei hian kan ngaihtuahna a la tlem zia a ti lang chiang hle.South Asia ah hian ram pasarih, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal leh Bhutan an awm a.Heng ram zinga India hnuaia kan awm hi kan vannei hle.India ram chu khawvela democracy ram lian ber a ni a, mipuite thlan lal ram roteltu te kan nei a ni.Mitinin sakhua a duhzawng a vuan thei a, sawrkarin chu sakhua chu i zawm tur a ni tiin thupek a siam lo.Hna lamah ni se tribalte tan reservation fel tak a siam a, kan nihlawh hle.

Burma lamah lo bet ta ila kan vanduai dan tur chu sawu ngai lovin kan hre vek ang.East Pakistan, tuna Banladeshah lo bet ta ila an state sakhua Muslim a ni si a, kan nuamsa lo viau ang le.Mizo te hian Indian kan nih zia hi kan zir nawn fo leh kan hriat nawn fo a ngai.A dik tak chuan vaiho ti mai ila, heng ho hian Aizawl tih turah Aizwal te,kan hming dik tak pawh an ziak thiam lo hi chu a thanat thlak a, a ngeiawm hle reng bawk a ni.A chang chuan kei ngei pawhin India ram khawpui hming thlak ho hi lehkhathawnah te hian an hming hlui ka la hman sk hram thin.South India khu Kristian tamna ram a ni a, college kan kal lai pawhin kan proffessor Kristian ho te leh zirlai ho te hian urhsun takin hnam hla an sa thin.Keini Mizote erawh chu kan lang ngai hauh lo thung.Hnam hla kan sak hian kan rinna a dal chuang lo tih hi hriat a tha.Hnam hla kan lo sak ve khan thil tha ti kan ni zawk tih i hre thar leh ang u.Kan sa thiam lo a nih pawhin ngil takin kan lo ding ve tur a ni.Khawvel ram dang pawhin Hnam hla an nei vek a, zah takin an sa mai a ni.Germany hnam hla ‘nangma thil ropui” tih thluk kan hriat bel hlei hlui ang hian a mawi tawkin kan hnam hla hi kan sa thiam ve tur a ni.Vaite hi hmusit mai lovin an hnen atangin thil tha i zir ang u.Kan mamawh engkim vairam atangin kan la lut a,thiamna duhin vairam hmun hrang hrang kan pan bawk a, kan fanu leh farnu ten vai pasal an lo duh ve bawk nen.Kan depa vai awm hi vaiah pawh a changkang lo chi an ni a, Central India lama mi te thung erawh chu an tha in an tlawmngai em em zawk a ni.

Chuvangin India ram hi a lo chak deuh deuh zawk nan tu pawh hian hnam hrang hrang te in unauna i chawisang ang u.Hnam hrang serh leh sang in zah tawn sakin leh u leh nau a kan in siam hi a pawimawh em em a ni.Kristian leh ringtu kan nih chuan kan Hnam Hla sak lai chuan zah takin i sa ve ang u.



UGC-NET hi tunlai kan lehkhathiamte zinga thil pawimawh leh ri zing ber a ni awm e.IAS ni tur chuan Prelim, Main leh Interview paltlang a ngai a.Chutiang bawkin Lecturer ni tur chuan Post Graduate Degree leh NET neih hi a ngai a ni.NET hi a pawimawh a, thil hote anga lang, pass har tak si a ni.Exam beitu te an tam ang huin a pass te erawh chu a tam lo hle thin.Hman deuh khan Lungleia College Principal pakhat chuan NET chu MA exam aia nep angin a sawi a,amaherawh chu chutianga thil nep ni si chuan kan thalai rual hian an pass theih miah loh aw tiin ka ngaihtuah a.College leh University examah chuan a chhang sei sei khan mark an hmu tha ni maiin a hriat a, NET erawh a dan a dang a, thiam tak si, tawi fel tak leh kim tak si a chhan a ngai a,hei tak hi mi tam tak thiam lohna chu a ni.

NET hi pass a har a, a har avang tak hian mi tam takin M.Phil leh Ph.D an zir zawm ta thin a, hei hi a chhan chu mi tam takah ni vek lo mahse, M.Phil leh Ph.D hi zir tluan chuan a pass mai theih a,competitive a nih loh vang a ni.India ram ah hian Ph.D zirna hi za dawn a awm a, henga Ph.D degree kan neih chuan NET kha min awl ta thin a,chuvangin Ph.D degree nei thiam pangai ve tho tan chuan Lecturer a luh hi a awl ta bik ta em em ni.

Kan rama college Lecturer tur lak thuah pawh NET leh Ph.D degree nei chu an tha ber ang a.NET neiin an daih lo a nih chuan a nei lo pawh la ta ila, mahse heng ho hi contract basis in chhawr ta ila,kum hnih chhunga NET an pass loh chuan an service tih tawp sak ni ta se a tha phian thei bawk ang.NET nei nazawng hi an thiam vek chuang lo a,NET pass leh pass loh pawh hi vanduai leh vanneih thil te pawh a i ve tho a ni.NET nei lo zingah pawh teaching thiam tak tak an tam ang,NET nei aia hman tlak zawk te pawh an awm ang.Amaherawh chu UGC duh dana NET nei kher lak tur tih hi chu ti thei ila a tha hle ang.Chuvangin NET hi a nep ka ti lo a, kei chuan NET neih hi nuam ti ka veng veng zawk a ni.

V. Lalengmawia
Champhai Vengthlang

(Published in Vanglaini in the month of July)

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ugc-net hi sawi ngai lovin kan hre vekin a rinawm.Tun hma kha chuanin NET/JRF exam duh chuan a hnai berah Shillong kal a ngai thin.June thlaah exam a awmin, khawchhia ijn min ti buai a, December ah exam a awmin Shillong khawvawt tawrh hrep a ngai bawk.A luhai thlak thin hle.Amaherawh chu University hran pa kan han neih taka china chuan Mizo NET beitute tan ram pawn a vah chhuah kher a ngai ta lo va , a tih zia hle a ni.Hei hian sum leh tha tam tak a ‘safe’ phah si a.Amaherawh chu hetia Aizawl Centre a NET a exam theih mai avang hian University thu neitu te leh NET exam beitu ten thil hriattur pawimawh tak an nei niin ka hmu a ni.

Hetia Aizawl Centre a NET ka exam ve hi a lawm, Sunday Sikula beginners naupang anga ka in ngaih chu ni.Chennai te, Shillong leh hmun dang dang atanga report ka dawn danin NEt exam centre chu hneh taka ven an ni a, room pakhatah mi 40/30 bak an thut tir lo bawk tih a ni.

Aizawlah chuan Hrangbana College Golden Hall an tih ah chuan mi tam tak kan han thu teh reng a nih kha.A then an nui a, a then an in hrilh a, an in zawt bawk a.Amak ka ti em em mai a.Ka thiannu pakhat phei chuan,”Concentration a ti buai vek a, ka ning lutuk’ tiin min hrilha.Kei pawh chuan eng han tih theih nei hek lo le, ka nui a, ka nui ka nui mai zawk a ni.

Hetia NET exam Centre kan nei ve tawh a nih chuan, phai lama centre an neih ang khuan ‘standard maintain’ se.Tin, exam vengtu te tan hian Guest Lecturer Junior te te ven tir lovin, faculty ah pawh tlem a hu hang nei pha deuhin veng se a tha in a rinawm.Hetiang ang reng kan nih chuan NET pass MIzoramah a hlu lo telh telh ang tih a hlauhawm.NET hi pass a har a, a pass chhun te lahin hna an in chuh bawk nen.Beih tak taka bei NET pass tum te tan Aizawl Centre a NET exam chu a beidawn thlak hle ang.

Tin, hall pakhata thut tir teuh lovin, classroom hmang se, mi 30 atanga 40 vel thut tir bawk se, ven leh enkawlte, discipline vawn thuah te, ,tin, unfair means lo hmang duh te an lo awm pawhin a check theih deuh ngei ang.Dik leh felfai taka NET exam kan neih a, strict taka discipline kenkawh hi University thu nei tu te mawhphurhna a ni e.

V. Lalengmawia

(Published in Vanglaini on 11th Feb 2004).


Jammu and Kashmir ah khuan helho leh India sipai an in kah a helho an thih chuan Muslim ho khuan helho mithi ruang chu puan dum zuna khuh chung hian khawlaiah kawng an zawh pui chiam a, an au rual dual dual thin.Tin, Israel-ah khuan Juda leh Muslim ho an in tihbuai changa Arab ho thi an awm reng rengin Muslim ho chuan mithi ruang chu kawng an zawh pui ngei ngei deuh ziah bawk.Juda ho erawh chuan an mi te an thihin kawng an zawh pui thu kan la hre lem lo.Northern Ireland ah khuan Christian chi hnih Roman Catholic leh Protestant an awm a, kan hriat angin khu pawl pahnih Kristian ve ve si khu an in hal em em a, Kristian vek tho an ni si a, an mi te an thihin kawng an zawh pui ngai lo bawk.Kristian ho hi chuan an mi te ruang hi khawlaia a ual au thei ang bera kawng zawh pui hi an nei ngai lo hle.Mithi ruang kawng zawh pui hi Muslim ho zingah leh ram ah a tam em em a, Jammu and Kashmir, Palestine, Indonesia, leh Middle East velah khuan an uar thei hle a ni.Kristian chuan mithi chu fel fai taka tawngtaina nena vui leh thlah hi thil tha ber niin a lang.
Rawng taka tual thattu ho hi an dem awm a, tual that tu te pawh an phu tawk ang hremna pek ngei tur pawh a ni ang.Khawlaia mithi ruang kawng zawh pui hi a hunlai a awm a ni thei e, thil tih awm ber pawh a ni thei bawk ang.Mahse thil tha ber leh fin thlak ber a ni em tih kha ngaihtuah tham a tling a ni.Vai ho in Mizo pawi an khawih emaw a nihin kan thalai thisen lum leh thinrim chuan an hmuh hmuh vai an khawih ta thin a ni.Vawikhat chu vai kan sawisa lai leh kut thlak lai Local channel ah kan hmu a nih kha, an sawisa lai leh an hnathawhna hmun atanga an paih thla lai te pawh, damdawiin a hliam tuar kal te pawh TV atangin kan hmu a nih kha.A nih leh vai an nih vang ngawt khan kha tia sawisak a thiang reng em?.Mihring an nihna ang in Human Rights an nei ve a, chhantu an awm em?.Human Rights pawl an awm a, khang ho khan an thla vang an hauh sak em?.Kum 2002 khan Ayodhya a kal Hindu sakhaw be ho chuanna rel chu Godhra ah Muslim firfiak ten an hal a, Hindu nu nau ho an thih phah nasa hle a nih kha, Hindu ho thinrim chuan Muslim ho an suam ta ngawt a, India ram khawvelin a dem a, National Human Rights Commission pawh a in rawlh nghal reng a,tun thlengin Best Backery Case phei chu chinfel lohin a la awm ta reng a nih hi.Human rights lama hma la tu te hian Hindu an ni emaw, Muslim an ni emaw, Mizo an ni emaw, vai an ni emaw, ang khat vekin a en tur a ni ang. Mihring dikna leh chanvo humhalh nana hma latu te an awm si chuan khang mipui sawisak vai hlawhfa ho te thlavang hauhtu tura kan lo rin kha khawnge an awm tak?.Thil thenkhata ‘ active’ viau si leh hma la chak tak si, leh lama ngawih chuh tlat Human Right pawl kan nei a nih chuan thil fel ber a ni lo ang.
Tun laiin Human Rights lama pawl tha leh chak tak kan nei a, mahse khang vai in hlawhfa ho sawisak te kha a hming talin an thlavang an hauh sak em?.An in enkawl ve na tur zangna dawmna te an phut sak em?. Thil tih reng reng chuan a rual khai zawk a kan chet hi a pawimawh em em a ni tih hi mitinin kan hriat a tha hle.Human Rights a nih ang ngeiin mi tupawh dikna leh chanvo humhalh sak hi hetiang lama sulsu tuten an tih tur niin a lang.Vai in hlawhfa an nih avang ngawt khan kha sawisak an nihna kha an ‘right’ a ni bik lo a, Mizo, vai, Muslim, Juda zawng zawng te pawhin dikna leh chanvo humhalh theihna kan nei a, Human Rights lamin min tanpui thei bawk.Chuvangin Mizoram a nih avanga Mizo te ‘right’ chauh hum sak lova, ‘Human’ a nih ang ngei a mi zawng zawng dikna leh chanvo kan humhalh sak a ngai a ni.Vai chhe ho hi duhsak tur phei zawng ka ti lo, mahse mihring an nihna ang a kan en ve a tul a,kan ramah hian heng a chek hnawk ho phei hi chu lo lut lo tawp phei se chu kan buai kan buai lo tur a ni a, mahse khawvel a ni miau a, dan theih leh dan sen ni hek lo le.
Mohammada ai chuan Krista: Ni e, Mohammada tih hming hi chu a hlauhawm hmel tlat alawm.Mohammad Al Fayed te pawh kan hria ang a, a ni erawh chu a hlauhawm hmel lem lo e.Mi hausa tawn taw a ni bawk nen.India rama i awm chhung chuan eng hming pawh Sonia, Atal, Chingi, Khaukhanthang, James, Donny, Rita tih pawh pu la, chi vang emaw, hnam vang emaw, hming vangin emaw in thliar hran hi a khap tlat a ni kha.Kan rama pawl pakhat emaw chuan Mohammad tih hming pu reng reng chu ILP pek tawh lo ni se tiin an duh thu an sam a, Mohammad tih hming avanga mi te hmuh theih ang zawng zawng kan chan a ngaih chuan kan ram chu democracy rorelna a ni thei lo ta hrim hrim a ni.Tualthah, ruk ruk leh pawikhawihna lian leh te hi khawvel pian ken a ni a,Mohammad tih hming hlirin a tual an thah bik chu ka ring thei lo a ni.A nih leh kan rama damdawi leh ruih hlo tawlh lut ru ho zingah hian Mohammad tih hming pu chu an tlem hle ang a, kan hnam hming ang deuh ni si, ni chiah si lo te an tam ber ang.Hming avang ringawta ILP in pek loh chu thil dik lo hul hual a ni ang a, chu ai chuan a pe chhuaktu te fimkhur tura kan chah ngun leh a sponsor tute kan fimkhur a ngai zawk daih a ni.
Hang ‘em all !!!: Hmeichhe pawl pakhat chuan kan Mizo nula pawisawi lo rawng taka that tute khaihlum hial tlak an ni an ti leh mauh mai. An thu a rum hle mai.Human Rights lama pawl kan neih te hian in khaihlum hi eng angin nge an ngaih ve aw?.In khaihlum tawng mai hi tunlai ram hrang hrang hian an bansan tan tawh a.Khaihlum ai chuan misualin ‘chance’a neih beiseiin siam that hna an thawk zawk tawh thin.India ram leh Third World ram angah te chuan misual khaihlum hi a la awm a, ram chang kang ber America ngeiah te pawh misual tih hlum tlaka an ngaih te chu an ti hlum mai thin.Khaihlum erawh chu tunlai chhanah a ‘humane’ lo em mai tiin America ah chuana chiu in an chiu hlum thin.Misual tih hlum leh khaihlum hrim hrim hi European Union ah chuan an duh tawh lo a, he Union a tel tur chuan ram economy dinhmunte, secular ram a ni em tih te, an human rights record te an en phawt a, an thlang chauh thin.Turkey pawh tun thlenga a tel theih loh na chhan pakhat chu misual tih hlum an la chin vang a ni ber.Chuvangin in khaihlum hian thil tih sual tawh kha a siam tha leh em tih hi ngun taka kan ngaihtuah a ngai zawk a ni.Pawl hming leh mimal hminga thil kan tih reng reng hian ngun tak leh thui tak thlir chunga kan tih hi a tha hle a, lehlama vung tak si, leh lama chau tak si a kan awm leh si chuan mitin huap zo kan ni thei lo ang.Chuvangin kan thil tih tur kha ngun taka thlir hmasak hi a tha hle ang.

V. Lalengmawia
Champhai Vengthlang.
(Published in Aizawl Thupuan on 9th and 10th Aug 2004


Tunlaiin Mizo tawng 8th Schedule a dah chungchang mi tamtakin an ziak kan hmu a. Mizo tawng 8th Schedule a kan dah theih chuan UPSC leh hmun hrang hrang University ah Mizo subject in a exam theih tawh ang a tih leh a zir theih tawh ang a tih hi a lar hle a.Mizo tawng 8th Schedule a dah chung chang ai mahin Mizo tawngin UPSC ah a exam theih tawh ang a, tih leh University hrang hrangah Mizo tawng a zir theih tawh ang a tih lam zawk kha kan bih chiana ngai hle in a lang.

UPSC ah hian 8th Schedule a tawng awm te kha chuan an mahni tawngin an exam thei ngei mai thei, amaherawh chu hetia kan rin ang leh kan suangtawh ang ngawt chu a ni lo a ni tih hi hriat a tha hle ang. UPSC ah hian mahni hnam tawnga exam hi an awm nual a, amaherawh chu topper ah an lang ngai chuang lo a ni.Khawvel ram changkang zel ah mahni tawng a exam ai chuan saptawng ngei a exam hi an duh zel zawk a ni.Mizo tawng a exam te a theih nih chuan sap tawng Mizo in kan thiam tawh loh sa nak a lai a, kan quality a hniam ngawt ang.Vai tam tak an mahni tawng Hindi emaw a dang te pawh thiam nal tak tak an tam a, mahse examna ah chuan vai tam zawk khuan Hindi in an exam duh hauh lo.A chhan tam tak chu zirlai bu tam tak hi saptawng a nih deuh vek a vang leh vai tawng a zirlaibu a la tlem vang te a ni. Entirnan, Mizo naupangin Civil Service Mains Exam dawn ta se, a subject chu Political Science leh History lo ni ta se, a vaiin Mizo tawngin a ziah a ngai ang a, lehkhabu tha a awm si lo ang a, a buai ngawtin ka ring zawk.Tin, All India Service leh Central Service dang hrim hrima exam bei te tan chuan saptawng ngeia exam hi a fel ber ang a, a hah dam ber bawk ang.Sorkarin hnam hrang hrang in unau nana Civil Service cadre hrang hrang a siam pawh hi saptawng thiam lo tan chuan mi state a hnathawh chu a har hle ang.

University hrang hrangah Mizo subject te pawh zir a ni tawh ang a tiin kan rin thu kan sawi kan sawi leh mai thin.Eight Schedule ah Mizo tawng tel ta pawh nise, University hrang hranga zir tur kher tihna lam a kawk chuang lo a, Eight Schedule-a tel Tamil, Malayalam leh a dangte pawh University tinah a zirna hawn a ni chuang lo.University of Calcutta ah khuan BA ah Lushai Subject hi Honours ah leh General Course atana pawm a nih thu marksheet hnung lamah khuan a in chhu tel ve ran mai a, mahse a tak takah erawh chuan lak tum teh mah ila a theih chuang loh.Second language a tawng chi hrang hrang zir theihte pawh English, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali leh Alternative English te an ni a.Eight Schedule a tawng zawng zawng kha an dah chuang lo a, a lak theih chuang bawk hek loh.Chutiang bawkin University of Madras ah chuan Under-Graduates subject atan Eight Schedule a mi chu sawi loh French, German tih vel daih a ni an zir ni.Chuvangin Eight Schedule a tawng awm kher hi University hrang hrangah an zir kher chuang lo a ni.Mizo tawngte chu University subjectah lak theih te a nih ngai chuan heng NEHU, Manipur University, MZU, Nagaland University leh Assam-a University hrang hrangte bak hian an ‘introduce’ chuangin a rin awm loh.

Chuvangin mi tamtakin beisei taka kan lo thlir ve kan tawng Eight Schedule a dah a nih chuan UPSC leh Central lama hna lakna chi hrang hrangah kan tawng ngeiin a exam theih tawh dawn a tih leh University hrang hrangah kan tawng ngei a zir theih tawh dawn a, chung hunah chuan kan thalai hna nei lo lehkha thiam rual ho tan hna tam tak a awm ang ti zawng a thu lak hi a tul lo hle.Kan thalai lehkhathiam leh a peih tan chuan hna hi a vang lo a ni, taimak leh tumruh hi hna hmuh nan chuan a pawimawh zawk a ni.India ram state hrang hrang leh Central Service leh All India Service examna chi reng renga ti tha tur chuan taimak leh tumruh bakah saptawng thiam ngei hi i tum theuh ang u.

V. Lalengmawia
Venghnuai, Aizawl


Civil Services Exam hi Union Public Service Commission in kum tin May thla ah a buatsaih thin a, he exam hi khawvela exam beitu tamna ber pawl a ni awm e.Hman deuh khan hmarchhak tlangmi te zingah Mizo te hi hetiang lamah hian kan tam ber thin.Amaherawh chu hun a lo kal zel a, hnam dangte pawh an lo fing zel a, tunah phei chuan Mizo thalaite Civil Service lamah kan lang tam tawh lo hle.Hei hi a chhan ni awm a lang chu thalaite ruihtheih thil kan in hman nasat luat vangte, chhungkaw harsarna vangte leh thatchhiat vangte a ni thei ang.Amaherawh chu kawng a tawp mai lova, kan taimak phawt chuan he Central Service ah hian ‘chance’ tha tak kan la nei a ni tih hria ila, kan ram leh hnam tan kan ke i pen chhuak ang u.

Civil Service hi All India Service leh Central Service-ah te then hran a ni a, a lar zual te chu heng IAS,IFS,IA&AS,IRS,IPS,ICAS,ITS,IDAS,IDES,leh a dangte an ni.He Exam bei thei tur chuan graduate nih a ngai a, a awmzia chu a chhe berah BA pass a ngai a nih chu.First Division a ni emaw, third Division a ni emaw, tu pawhin an bei thei a ni.Keini Mizo leh tribal dang tan chuan kum 35 thleng a exam theih a ni.Aizawlah pawh Preliminary Exam hi chu a exam ve theih a ni.

Awle, he exam kalhmang hi lo ngaihtuah rawh le.A hmasa berin i subject tui zawng kha lo ngaihtuah la, subject chi hrang hrang a awm a, mahni tuina ber subject kha exam mai tur a ni.Arts,Sciences,Commerce,Medical leh Engineering subjects hrang hrang a awm a ni.Tichuan, he exama thil hmasa ber chu Preliminary Exams a ni a, hetah hian i subject duh thlan pakhat leh General Studies paper i exam a ngai a ni.Preliminary Exam a zawhna te hi objective type vek a ni a, a dik ber ni awm a kan rinah pencilin kan thai dum mai dawn a ni.General Studies paper hi exam beitu zawng zawng tan a ni a, zawhna 150 a awm thin a ni.Mahni subject thlan kha optional subject an ti a, chu chuan zawhna 120 a nei thung.Preliminary Exam beitu hi kum tin mi nuai hnih aiin an tam thin bawk a, Preliminary Exam pass te erawh chu sang hnih emaw sang thum vel chauh an ni thin.

Preliminary Exam a hlawhtlingte chuan October thlah Main Exam an nei leh thin a, Main Examah erawh chuan exam beituin optional subject pahnih a thlan bakah General Studies, essay paper leh English paper a nei tawh dawn a ni.Main Examah hian English leh Essay paper tih loh chuan subject tinin paper pahnih an nei tawh a ni.Entirnan, Preliminary Examah History lo thlang ta ila, Main Examah erawh chuan History bakah subject dang pakhat ka thlan a tul ta a ni.Tichuan subject pahnih leh General Studies ka nei dawn ta a ni.English paper hi fail theih loh tluk a ni a, a chhan chu exam beitu khan english tlem a zawng a lo hriat kha UPSC duh dan ber a ni a, chuvangin English paper-a kan mark hmuh hi belh tel a ni ve lo a ni.

Main Exam result hi a kum leh March thlaah a chhuak thin a, heta tling te hian Interview an hma chhawn thin a, Interview a tlingte chu an service duh a zirin hna pek an ni ta thin a ni.

Civil Service bei tur chuan thiam ringawt a tawk lova, taimakna te, rinawmna te,mahni inrintawkna te leh beih hram hram peihna te hi a pawimawh a ni.Chuvangin thil dang nena kal pah mai mai chi a ni lova,a lo berah kum khat tal in puahchah a ngai a ni.Tunlaiin thalaite kan thluakte a tha a, in elna pawh a sang zel a, Matric pass hnu kum nga vel peih tak leh taima tak a zir chuan kan hlawhtlin ngei ka ring tlat a ni.Chuvangin kan hnam zahpui awma a awm loh na turin tun atang hian zirlai ten tum mumal tak Civil Service lam kher lo pawh nei ila, Computer Games, Play station leh Video Games lam ai chuan kan hriatna lama min pui tu tur lehkhabu tha tak tak chhiar i ching zawk ang u.

A tawp ber ah chuan lalna te, ropuina te, mi zah nih te, zahawmna te,pawimawhnate neih i duh chuan taima takin han zir la, IAS emaw Central Service dang emaw tal chu nih ngei i tum tur a ni.Amaherawh chu taimakna leh tumruhna i neih a ngai thung ang a,chumi hnuah chuan hlawhtlinna chu i la um pha ngei ang.

Magazine rawn tlak te: Civil Service Chronicles, Competition Wizard, Chanakya Civil Services Today, Frontline, Mainstream.
Newspaper rawn tlak te: The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Line, Hindustan Times, The Times of India.

V. Lalengmawia
Champhai Vengthlang.