Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9-Tawi A/C ah tluang taka inthlanna neih a ni.

Mizoram Legislative Assembly inthlanna chu 9 Tawi A/C ah tluang taka zawh fel a ni.Tawi A/C huam chhunga polling station a theih ang ang ka tlawh kual a.Hengah hian vote pawh tluang taka thlak zel a ni.Tlai lam dar 4:00 chuan khaw tam tak hian vote thlak zo tawh hlawmin polling party te pawh an in ti fel hlawm.Heti lai hian Keifang Polling Station I ah erawh chuan tlai lam dar li a rik tawh hnu pawhin Presiding Officer hnathawk thei lo in zurui ten an ti buai a.Dar 4 hnu deuhah ka va phei chu an lo au buai nuaih nuaih mai a.A mak hle.Police force te kan koh hnu ah tlemin boruak a tha a,zan dar 7:16 ah polling chu kan zo thei ta hram a ni.

Mak ka tih em em chu tlangval zurui te chu tlai lam a lo nih tawh chuan rui mahse ka hrethiam lutuk a.Mahse enga tinge nu tling pui pui,nu nau bu chip leh nau sen thla khat lek lek pawm leh nula tlawntlai tha deuh deuh khan tlai lam an nghah kher khan ka ngaihtuahna a ti kal thui hle.Mipui hian ka hlutna hi ti chhe zo in ther hlo ho mai maiah hian kan lo in ham tang vek tawh emaw ni le ka ti hial.

Tin,polling party te pawh an muang ve deuh a ni mai thei bawk a.DEmna zawng zawng chu mipuiin an phur bik lo e chu ka ti tho bawk a.


faka said...

Inthlanpui zet hi chu kan District thuneitute buai hun a nia. I buai viau tak ang a! I jurisdiction chhungah buaina lian tham i tawk lo va, ka lawmpui a che.

Lai MDC thlan tumin vawikhat pawh khaw pakhatah chuan beisei neiin chhungkaw tam takin vote an thlak tha duh lo va. Politician hovin an thlem chhawk laih laih mai maw le!

burgerstud2005 said...

Chhim ho saw an tenawm tawp.MADC Election 2007 khan MNF ho kha Pu Tlangan a thutchilh a,MDF leh INC kha an tang dun a.MNF ho chu MDF-INC chuan tih buai tumin an bei a,kei poh min kai phar nasa khop mai.Ka thin a rim reng tun thleng hian.

illusionaire said...

eeee... hemi vang hi a ni maw, polling result pakhat a rawn thleng tlai em em? Kei pawh ka blog ah ka LIVE blogging a, dar 3-4 PM vel kha chuan result a rawn lut ta par par a, mahse dar 7 vel thleng nghah a ngai a tawpna ber kha...

Zurui ho chu an va zahpuiawm reuh ve a. Back kick siah siah mai tur a lawm :-)

Anonymous said...

Pu Engmawi,i ngaihom khopmai,ka ngai lutk che nia aw..engtikahnge helamah ilo kal leh don?Chhimlam leh Tuipang hre reng chungin hna i lo thawk don nia.


burgerstud2005 said...

Tuipang chu keini poh in kan sawi reng mai.Ka lo ngai tak zet zet a ni.Eng tikah tak hgmu leh ang i maw kan ti reng mai.Saiha ah te kan la rawn awm mai thei asin.Lo dam ula,Tuipang mipui ho kha ka rilru ah hian in awm reng thin ania.

SouthernStar said...

@burgerstud2005 said...

"Chhim ho saw an tenawm tawp"..

Man, you need to watch your mouth. MCS val ve si.. please be careful... do not stereotype anyone especially Chhimfate! Politics can be dirty... so, let us not hurt one another by hurling stones at least on blogs and websites. Politics will be played by politicians. And we will judge them. I am an apolitical person, I don't care who wins and loses, but I can't stand any stereotyping... Please be careful...

burgerstud2005 said...

Chhim ho te an tenawmn tawp ka tihna chhan chu politician te an ni.Mipui te ni lo in.I comment hmu tlai deuh a,chhang har deuh che ni.Tunah pawh MNF MDC 4 in MNF an chhuah san ringawt te,a hmaa MDF leh INC thawk ho,MDF in an chhuahsan leh daih te tenawm ka ti asin.Principle an nei lo.

A tuartute chu politician ni lo in mi rethei tak tak,berh ve tak tak saw an ni.Hei vang hi lawm chhim politician te tenawm ka tih ni.

Mipui ka tihna ni lo e.A bik takin Tuipang mipui leh thingtlang mi te phei chu ka ngaina khawp asin.Chhim ho saw an tenawm tih chu Chhim politician te an tenawm tih tur zawk a ni e.Lo thin rim lo hram hram rawh.A chhan chu kum 2 ngawt ka hrawn ve hlawm a,poltician ho trick chu ka man ve tawkin ka in hria.A mipui mimir erawh chu innocent and simple,mikhual duat thiam bawk si.

MCS val ve si in tih kher....nah...MCS val pawh hian mi lawm zawng kan sawi vek bik lo anih hi.Cheer

Mara by blood said...

it is MNF who has spoilt politics in Maraland. They did everything to install their puppets at MADC. Most of these puppets were very young and inexperienced first timers MDCs, who will bend and stoop to any level. They created monsters for Maras. And now someone like you are blaming us? Get a life man. You don't understand the worst political game played among Maras by the 10 years reign of MNF in Aizawl.

During their 10 years of ruling Mizoram, MNF had created young, inexperienced, power-hungry politicians - MNF fattened them and with money they have been winning elections in poor areas like Mara district. Now, when these UNPRINCIPLED power hungry politicians, who were made to fight other Mara politicians - who are 'mi leh sa' of MNF are out of power, they are hobnobbing with those who are in power. It was MNF who created such situation in Maraland. If you will blame Mara people for this, it will be out of your sheer ignorance of the political situation in Maraland.
- Mara by blood.


burgerstud2005 said...

"If you will blame Mara people for this, it will be out of your sheer ignorance of the political situation in Maraland."

@Mara by blood:Did I blame the whole lot of Maras?.I guessed not.You put it right about Mara politics who spoilt who.It was MNF-MDF Govt at MADC before May 2007.With INC,MDF again came to power in May 2007 Election.But after several months,it was the MDF who broke the alliance and came back to the fold of MNF.

I never blame the people.I only blame those so called lover of the people-the politician.I am very much support the views of the common people outhere.

Btw,you saw the clear picture of politicians.I appreciate that.

Mara by blood,nama nata na chhokha zyduah chhoa,kothie samaw eicha hla eih.

Beita Jr. said...

Hi everyone,

I guess @Mara by blood is copy-pasting the comment posted at about the 4 MNF MDCs who deserted their party. And so, his word may not aim at the poster - burgerstud2005.

@burgerstud2005, you made mistake in the first place by simply saying, "Chhim ho saw an tenawm tawp.." you could have mentioned who you actually meant... -> certain politicians. It is good that you clarified about it.

ADC politics, be it MADC or LADC, is always very complicated and the politicians who chose to be part of those games will always be blamed.

@burgerstud2005, your stay at Tuipang seems very remarkable with you now being able to understand Mara language to some extend. I hope to see more of such efforts in the coming days. It is a commendable efforts on your part.

We may debate and fight but at the end of the day, we should all be good friends having diff. opinions.

Happy blogging!